17 Incredible Travel Gears You Didn’t Know You Need To Explore Like A Pro

Incredible Travel Gears- Traveling, adventure, trips, camping, and picnics! Everything is fun as long as you make the right planning and decisions. Destination decisions usually come first! Everyone has a favorite travel destination that we dream of.

And when that opportunity comes your way, there could only be one thing that will make the experience memorable. Guess what that is! Travel Plans!


How to pack, travel, and explore like a PRO. Here's all the travel Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed From staying sand-free to capturing incredible underwater pictures, the perfect trip is possible with these 17 must-pack gears.


Your travel plans start with packing your bags and getting set to take off. Before departure, every travel pro has got have their hands on some incredible travel gears that will make your journey simply classic, super fun and memorable.

If you love traveling, you need to read this post to have some ideas on how to stay trendy with some flash chic gadgets and nice travel accessories to help you travel smart. Don’t miss a point on any of these 17 incredible travel gears you didn’t know you need to explore like a pro.


17 Incredible Travel Gears to Travel Smart


1. Micro-filter Bottle Set



Microfilter Bottle Set- Best Travel Essentials


Any trip you’re going on deserves a water bottle. And a good one at that. You can have eco-friendly reusable water bottles for safe drinking. But it is best to have a micro-filter bottle set.

This Vapor bottle helps to ensure the purification of the water you ingest in your new destinations. The Vapor microfilter bottle removes up to 99% germs and water-borne bacteria such as E.Coli and Cholera.

So, even if you’re going camping or mountaineering, you can be sure that this bottle can purify water from rivers, streams, waterfalls, and stray taps. To the trendy gist, you can get this filter in vibrant and cool colors.


2. Compressed Towels



Microfilter Bottle Set- 17 Incredible Travel Gears


I used to gift out compressed towels to kids because of the fascinating butterfly shapes they take. Although not soon enough, I finally realized that it is better to go on adventures with this compressed towels in attractive and petite shape that the bulk ones.

This beautiful piece is sure a great space saver. The towel slides comfortably into a side of my travel pack with no fuss.

All you need to do is, leave the towel in a bowl of water for a few minutes and you will see the magical transformation into a regular towel. Hence, I call it a “magic towel”. These reusable compressed towels are an ideal choice for a picnic, a weekend trip, or a week-long excursion.


5. Toothpaste Tablets


Toothpaste Tablet- Best Travel Essentials


This is a superb replacement for toothpaste. If you’re only going to stay out of your home for a day, it might be too much going around with a huge tube of toothpaste. Toothpaste tablets are a valid alternative to toothpaste tubes.

All you’ve got to do is to pop in a toothpaste tablet, chew it and then brush it away. It leaves the mouth fresh and clean. Plus, you can get any flavor you desire.


6. Scrubba Wash Bag


Scrubba Wash Bag- 17 Incredible Travel Gears


Trust me! This scrubba wash bag is one of the really incredible travel gears every traveler should think of getting. It is a portable washing machine for easy laundry while traveling.

With this wash bag, you don’t have to travel with too many clothes or even keep dirty linens in your bag. The bag helps you to travel clean and hygienically. It ultimately helps you travel lighter, save money, time and water.


7. Illuminating belt


Illuminating Belt- 17 Incredible Travel Gears


A torch is always a valuable asset to own for a night run, camping, night excursions, and nature-walking during the late hours of the night. But there is sure one gear that is better to own than a torch.

The illuminating belt will serve you better because it is a hands-free illuminating belt you can strap on your waist. That will keep your hands free for some other activities.

The LED on the belt can be adjusted to three different light intensities and changed at a 110° horizontal angle. This makes it useful either as a wide-angle floodlight or a narrow spotlight.


8. Thermal Blankets

This is definitely for you to stay warm. This blanket is perfect for travelers climbing up difficult heights in low-temperature conditions. It constantly maintains and reflects 90% of body heat.


9. Slanket


Slankets- 17 Incredible Travel Gears


It is not exactly a blanket this time. This is called Slanket because it is a blanket with a long sleeve. At a cold and chilly travel destination, you can just slip underneath it outdoor, read a book or toggle your smartphone.

Your slanket allows you to do stay cozy without giving you the pain of lifting the entire blanket.


10. Flashlight, Speaker & Charger Combo


Flashlight Speaker and Charger Combo- 17 Incredible Travel Gears


This amazing gadget is one of the incredible travel gears you will love to have in your travel pack. It saves you the space for three other travel accessories.

With just this gadget you do not need to have your torch, speaker and charger separately. This Bluetooth speaker cum flashlight plays music and charges phones at the same time.


11. Earphone holder


Earphone Holder- 17 Incredible Travel Gears


All tech junkie travelers will love this earphone holder. No one has an easy time with tangled earphones. But with an earphone holder in our baggage, you don’t have to worry about a tangled earpiece.


12. Travel Steam Iron


Travel Steam Iron- 17 Incredible Travel Gears


Ever heard of a travel steam iron? That is the smallest portable iron which is suitable for traveling. This light-weighted and compact-sized iron is easy to move around with.

It is one of the incredible travel gears that gives you the assurance of always looking good in your dresses. Look stunning in adorable and wrinkle-free garments on your vacations outside somewhere you could easily get an iron.


13. Hammock Tents


Hammock Tent- 17 Incredible Travel Gears


Ready to go camping amidst mountains and trees this weekend? Then you shouldn’t go without having the hammock tent packed up.

This nylon tent is made up of parachute fabric and has an inbuilt mosquito net. Tie it on three sides and get ready to relax on a perfect platform that’s an allure for most of the adventure fanatics.


14. Beach mat


Beach Mat- 17 Incredible Travel Gears


The additional baggage of unwanted sand sticking to your belongings, is one of the problems of visiting the beach. This is also irritating.

With this sand-free multi mat with dual-layer mesh technology your sand worries just got sorted. While the sleek mat makes the dirt and sand disappear, UV stabilizer prevents the mat from fading.


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15. goTenna


goTenna- 17 Incredible Travel Gears


This is an awesome device that keeps you on the go with fellow travelers without any worries of losing track with others. All you’ve got to do is to pair goTenna with your cell phone.

The device uses VHF radio waves to send text messages and GPS locations to other goTenna users in the area. Guess what! It covers miles and doesn’t require towers, routers or satellites to communicate. So, you can stay connected with your buddies even in the thickest jungle!


16. Hoodie Pillow


Hoodie Pillow- 17 Incredible Travel Gears


One of the things I love doing when I’m in transit is to meditate. When traveling in a ride, and I’m not the driver, I love to open the windows, close my eyes, think deeply and enjoy the fresh breeze.

That is where my hoodie pillow comes in. This is a smart travel gear for ultimate comfort. With a travel neck pillow, you can enjoy your naps during airline travel, road trips, and small breaks.


17. Squeezable travel tube


Squeezable travel tube for the traveller


Your shampoo, body and hand wash, lotion, sanitizer and other hygiene essential may be too big to go along with for some 7-day journey or less. This is why every traveler should get a squeezable travel tube.

You can fill up these tubes with your hygiene essentials that will serve you throughout your journey. You won’t have to go around with jars of wash, lotion, and shampoo.

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