7 One Spoonful Tricks to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Spoonful tricks to lose weight-Shedding some pounds comes with a lot of thoughts and considerations. You’ve got to try quite a number of things to pin down what really works for you.

From your diet to lifestyle to workout regime to trying a lot of tactics can you lose weight. And in this post, you’ve got to see how just one spoonful of something can make you shed those pesky fats!

What could that be? Could it be a spoonful of weight loss magic potion? NO! There is no such thing.

But there are tricks on certain natural substances you can include in your diet to make losing weight easier, faster and attainable.


These are simple changes you can make to your daily routine and eating habits that will help you not only lose weight, but also keep the body healthy and strong! Why not supercharge your weight loss plan?


You can be smart about weight loss and consume just a spoonful of these rich and nutritious foods! They will boost your metabolism, burn fat easily, and balance your sugar level. These hacks for weight loss works like magic.

I know what you’re thinking! Does that mean you may not need to place yourself on a weight loss diet or exercise regimen? Don’t even go there!

These “one spoonful” tricks of things you could take to lose weight will only complement other weight loss efforts.

So, in addition to your low-carb/weight loss diet and workouts, take a spoonful of these items for optimal weight loss results. Let’s take a look at these spoonful tricks to lose weight one after the other.


1. A Spoonful of Lemon Juice


Lemon Juice to shed some pounds



Lemon is one of the popular zero-calorie foods for weight loss. So, it makes sense if you’re trying to take lemons to shed fat. For weight loss, it is best to use lemon water to make several kinds of lemon weight loss drinks/water.

Lemon juice has a significant effect on bringing down your cravings. So, with lemons, you can put your appetite in check.

Just a spoonful of lemon juice in a glass of warm water every morning will do the job. And the bonus is that lemons boost your immune system, hydrate the body, and enhance brain function.


2. A Spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar- 7 One Spoonful Tricks to Help You Lose Weight Fast


A vinegar made from an apple-fermentation process is a super effective weight loss substance. Does that seem strange? Strange as it could be, it works wonders on body fat.

ACV solution has long been proven to be a highly reliable weight loss. It is a staple ingredient in several weight loss drinks, smoothies, shakes and many more.

For quick weight loss, ACV controls your cravings, keeps you full, prevents body fat accumulation and regulates blood sugar. All these are focus actions that help to reduce body fat.

Apart from weight loss, ACV has several other health benefits and is also a useful home remedy for a lot of ailments.

To get the best of apple cider vinegar to lose weight, Just a dose of the ACV drink solution every morning is fine. So, how do you make that?

A spoonful of ACV mixed with a glass of warm water and a tablespoon of honey to up the taste.

I know the acidic taste and smell of ACV could put you off. But trust me, it’s not so bad to cope with. Keep a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar in your kitchen cabinet and make your weight loss journey easier.


3. A Spoonful of Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil for fat burning


Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils like coconut oil that are ideal for keeping healthy and losing some fat. A full spoon of coconut oil daily will help you burn fats faster than you expect.

Intake of coconut oil may help to increase your energy levels, decrease hunger and help you burn fat faster.

While on a low-carb diet for weight loss, the consumption of coconut oil is advised because the liver takes it up directly and convert to ketones. This will make you reach ketosis faster.

And your body, being in the state of ketosis is one quick way to shed some unwanted pounds.


4.  A Spoonful of Cinnamon


Cinnamon- 7 One Spoonful Tricks to Help You Lose Weight Fast


One major function of cinnamon in relation to weight loss is the regulation of blood sugar levels. You can only lose weight successfully if you have a balanced blood sugar levels and no excess insulin.

If the reverse is the case, you have a craving spike and a humming desire to consume anything sugar. And that will only make matters worse.

Cinnamon, while helping with blood sugar regulation will help to bring a stop to unnecessary sugar cravings. Consequently, you eat less and weight loss is evident.

Just a spoonful of cinnamon on a regular basis may be all you need to rev your fat-burning metabolism.

You can add your cinnamon to herbal tea or smoothies. Or simply take a combination of cinnamon, honey, lemon juice, and warm water before breakfast.


5. A Spoonful of Ginger


Ginger for fat burning


Yes! I know ginger is a culinary spice but it is also one of the foremost superfoods for weight loss. Have you heard of ginger water for detox and weight loss?

It is about the most popular trick for shedding weight right now.

Ginger helps with a lot of things. First, it keeps your metabolism humming and you’re filled with energy. Taking ginger kills your appetite and put a check on what you eat.

Not only that, ginger water serves as a remedy for indigestion, nausea, cold, and many more. You have to learn how to include ginger in your weight-loss teas, smoothies, detox drinks, and fruit juice.

And guess what? Even in your weight-loss soups, minced ginger tastes great.

Don’t wait till you accumulate fat, ginger can forestall that for you. A spoon of powder or freshly minced/grated ginger can do more than you would ever imagine for good health and sexy body.


6. A Spoonful of Cacao Powder


Cacao to shed some pounds



Chocolate lovers should be glad for these options. Your weight loss diet might have probably taken away your sweet chocolate bars and candies from you.

Even when you really crave for chocolate ice cream, you don’t want to go there to keep calories in check.

But it’s a different story with cacao powder. You can always get that chocolate taste you miss so much without having to worry about spiking calorie levels. Cacao powder, just like dark chocolates, is a weight-loss food that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Make some low-carb delicious smoothies, fat bombs, desserts, keto ice creams and chocolate bar with cacao powder and still lose weight.

For quick use when you’re in a hurry, you can simply make a cup of hot chocolate drink with a tablespoon of cacao powder and hot water.


7. A Spoonful of Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne Pepper to shed some pounds


Some people are averse to taking spicy meals. I quite understand because it contains too much spice that may cause stomach upset or diarrhea.

In any case, cayenne pepper works well for weight loss. It contains a powerful nutrient called capsaicin which is great for burning fat.

Cayenne pepper jumpstarts your metabolism and keeps your cravings down. You can try out a cayenne pepper drink and see if it goes down well with your system.

Just a full tablespoon of cayenne pepper, with lemon juice, honey, lime, and warm water.

If you’re lucky, that is a huge win for you. Spicing your soup and meals with cayenne pepper could work well for some other people too. Whichever way you decide to use it, just try it and see how effective it is.


You can be smart about weight loss and consume just a spoonful of these rich and nutritious foods! They will boost your metabolism, burn fat easily, and balance your sugar level. These hacks for weight loss works like magic.




You will get a lot of tricks and hacks on how to lose weight fast but remember that all these are subject to a healthy diet and a constant workout routine.

Taking a spoonful of about any weight loss substance in the world won’t make a difference if you don’t do the needful.

No more pizzas and hand burgers. Say no to sweetened carbonated drinks. Do your exercises and make weight loss a goal you must achieve by all means.

That is only when the “one spoonful” tricks to lose weight would be valid.

Clean up your diet! Get your workout gears! Forget the bad lifestyles! And crown your effort with these tricks! Then, guess what! You’re a few weeks away from losing those pesky fats.

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