7 Best Running for Weight Loss Apps for Beginners to Shed Stubborn Pounds

The journey to weight loss is not an easy one! To burn stubborn fat, you need a lot of dedication, motivation, and support. This is where best running for weight loss apps come in. These apps help you to not only shed weight but also to make lifestyle changes that are positive and permanent.


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With weight loss apps, you can connect with doctors, dietitians, and fitness trainers that will aid your weight loss journey. These apps also help you to navigate your food selection process so that you are working your weight loss from inside out.

Besides, not only do these apps provide a great deal of motivation and an active online community, but they also come with workouts plans, including running, curated by top fitness trainers.

The exciting part is that they are available on Android and iOS platforms and can be connected to smartwatches and wearables. This way, tracking your progress is easier, and help is readily available.

Another exciting thing about these best running for weight loss apps is that some of them come with rewards in cash or kind. This keeps you motivated, knowing that when you meet a goal, you are going to get a prize. The use of these apps has been scientifically proven.

Studies show that self-monitoring can promote weight loss seeing as it increases awareness of habits and progress.

Keep reading this post for seven best running for weight loss apps that help you shed the most stubborn fat. These apps aid your weight loss process; leaving you with desired results in no time.


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7 Best Running For Weight Loss Apps To Lose Weight Quick

To help you make the best choice of running for weight loss apps, we have rounded up recommendations from fitness trainers, running coaches, dietitians, and personal trainers.

We have also considered the opinions of users and tailored this list based on personal use and recommendations.


1. Noom


Noom - 7 Best Running For Weight Loss Apps To Lose Weight Quick


The Noom app is excellent for runners. It works as if there’s a weight loss coach by your side, helping you on your fitness process. It makes use of a psychology-based approach and shows its user obstacles to achieving their goal.

The app also allows users to make healthy lifestyle decisions and notifies you on what adjustment to make. This is possible because of its personalized attention tool that enables you to tailor the app to suit your preferences. Even if you have medical conditions like heart diseases or diabetes, this app will help you.

The app has three main functions. These include helping you set a weight-loss goal and check your progress, tracking your food intake and keeping you accountable, and logging your exercises, including day to day activities. This way, the app can effectively help you make healthier choices.

Download for iOS & Android devices.


2. Fooducate

To lose weight, it is necessary to pay attention to what goes into your body as much as you pay attention to running and other workout moves. Hence, making healthy grocery shopping choices is vital for weight loss; and because it can be an overwhelming process, apps like fooducate help to make the process easier.


Fooducate - Best Weight Loss Apps For 2019


The app has a nutrition scanner that you use to scan the barcode of produces in the groceries aisle. After scanning, it gives you detailed information about what you are buying, nutritional facts and ingredients inclusive.

The unique part of using the scanner is that it exposes unhealthy ingredients like trans-fat and high fructose corn syrup that are usually hidden in products. Apart from bringing these pieces of information to you, the app also gives you healthier alternatives to buy.

When subscribed to a premium plan, it can also scan food items for allergens like gluten.

In addition to its food monitoring uses, the app comes with tools for tracking your exercise habits and calorie intake. The only downside to using this app is that it has some tools that can only be accessed when you do a paid upgrade.

These premium tools include health and nutrient tracking tools. The fooducate app is a fun way for the non-dieter to improve their food choices.

Download for iOS & Android devices.


3. Google Fit / Apple Health

It turns out android and apple users don’t need to look outside their phones for best running for weight loss apps to lose weight quickly. This is because satisfactory weight loss apps accompany their smartphones.

On most Android phones, you’ll find Google Fit or in the case of Samsung phones, Samsung Health. iOS users have the Apple Health app readily available on their phones.

These apps are compatible with your phone’s operating system, and they offer a variety of features that other fitness tracking apps do. They are entirely free to use and can be customized to your desired theme.

These apps keep track of how many steps you take and how many calories you’ve torched. They mostly have session tracking features that track activities like running, walking, and sleeping; without needing external hardware connections.

The Apple health app and Samsung health both have tools that help to track your nutritional intake and help you relax by engaging you in meditative activities. Check your phones and their respective app stores to get them.


4. SparkPeople

The SparkPeople app is great for logging your meals, keeping track of your weight, and recording the progress of your exercise routine.

It has user-friendly tracking tools and an extensive database of nutritional information that contains over 3,000,000 food items. Apart from these, the app has a barcode scanner that makes it easy for users to keep track of any packaged food.


SparkPeople - Best Free Weight Loss Apps For 2019


Upon signing up for SparkPeople, you gain access to the app’s exercise demo component, which includes photos and descriptions of favorite exercises. This helps you gain the knowledge of the proper technique for doing exercises and use them.

It also has a points system that gives you points when you achieve your goals an improve your habits. When you fall short of your goals, the app also has points that can be used for personal motivation.

The only downside to using this app is that it contains a large body of information, and you may find it a bit difficult to navigate through.

The SparkPeople app is available on both Android & iOS devices.


5. Fitbit

An effective way to shed stubborn fat is to keep track of your exercise routine with a wearable activity tracker. This is why using the Fitbit app works as it is a useful app for tracking physical activities.

It is also a wearable device that monitors your activity level throughout the day by logging the number of steps you take, miles you’ve walked, stairs you’ve climbed, and your heart rate.

Users of Fitbit have access to the Fitbit app, where all your information on physical activity is stored and synced. This also allows you to track your food and water consumption, sleep habits, and weight loss progress.

The app also has a community feature that will enable you to connect with friends and family who use it. This way, you can participate in challenges with them and share your progress if you want to.


Fitbit - Weight Loss Apps for Android Phones


Subject to the type of Fitbit you use, you can set alarms as reminders to do exercises and other activities that contribute to weight loss. Fitbit will also send notifications to your smartphones to keep you informed of your daily progress.

You will also get awards for achieving goals. For example, you may get a “New Zealand Award” which proves that you have completed 990-lifetime miles. It is named New Zealand award because this is the entire length of New Zealand.

Fitbit comes highly recommended because it contains a large amount of vital information that will help you track your weight and health goals. It is also easy to use and can show you your progress and keep you motivated.

The only downside to the app is that you need to own a Fitbit device to use the exercise, sleep, and heart rate tools.

Get the app for Android and iOS devices.


6. WeightFit

I love the WeightFit app! It is a data-centric app that is used to track workout routine, food consumption, body weight and more aspects of your weight loss journey.

This app is excellent for people who are interested in every detail that pertains to their fitness journey. It is a dedicated app that gives you all the information you want without stress.


WeightFit - 7 Best apps for losing weight


On the WeightFit app, you get comprehensive charts and statistics that evaluate factors like average weight change, BMI index, and more. The app allows you to log new entries instantly and can be synced with your Google Fit app.

Download WeightFit for Android and iOS.


7. Pact

Last on our list of the best running for weight loss apps for beginners to lose weight fast is Pact. This app uses cash winnings to keep you motivated and focus on achieving your goals.

Upon signing up for pact, you choose an amount to pay to other members is you fall short of your goals for some time. Such payments usually range from $0.30 – $5. If you reach your goals, you get paid by members who missed theirs.

This method is backed by scientific proofs that have shown financial rewards is beneficial for improving weight loss. This is probably why Pact has been used by dieters to keep them on track.

A study found that when compares to those who had no financial incentives, individuals offered a monetary reward of $10 upon meeting their fitness goals, lost ten more pounds than usual in over 16 weeks.

The Pact available is in 3 different ways. These are Gym pact, Veggie pact, and Food logging pact. Goals are verified by the pact community after you submit photo proofs of meals or after you fill out your workout or food log.

The only downside to this is that you have to use another app to keep track of your food intake as Pact doesn’t have a tool for this. This can complicate the process. However, the app is good because you can customize it to your goals and lifestyle.

Download Pact for Android


With these best running for weight loss apps, you are able to achieve your fitness and healthy eating goals. They count your calories, track your fitness, and do much more. #RunningWeightLossApps #WeightLossApps #WeightLoss



There are a lot of running for weight loss apps that promise you best services; here are seven best you can choose from. These apps use a tracking tool to follow your weight, food intake, and exercise habits while also helping you make the right healthy choices.

They also have tools, including community support and tools that motivate you as some have a point system or cash reward for this.

You will find that these apps are worth experimenting with as many previous users have recommended them for the great help they offer. With the different tools on the apps, you may have to use various tools before getting the app well suited to your personal preferences.

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