21 Borderline Genius Ways to Make Extra Income on the Side

It does not matter whether you have a job or not; we all need that extra income!

When you have that additional money, you can always buy that Gucci bag, that Aldo shoe, and all other luxuries you’ve been yearning all this while.

Just so you have ideas about what you can do to make cash on the side, here is a list of 21 genius ways through which you can get that done. All you have to do is find out which matches your skills and interests and go for it!


Searching for the best ways to make extra income on the side? From profitable business ideas to easy side hustle, here is a comprehensive list of 21 genius ways to make extra money on the side.


21 Genius Ways To Make Extra Income On The Side

To start earning extra income on the side, check out these genius ways to earn more.


1. Start a Blog with HostGator

Although this is an effortless way of making extra income, you can turn it into something worthwhile.

Blogging is an excellent thing to do, especially if you have a flair for writing and providing meaningful content for people. Also, it allows you to connect with readers and fellow bloggers all over the world.

For inspirations about how to get started, you can talk to renowned bloggers justs so they can be of help. Blogging opens a door of so many opportunities, so get started today!


2. Do Online Surveys

Another of the genius ways to make extra income is by taking online surveys.

A lot of companies are willing to pay money so they can get through to many of their customers, and online surveys are free. Taking online surveys will not take more than 10 minutes of your time, and you will get paid for completing the survey.

To get the most benefit, you can sign up for as much as you can because this will allow you to make more money. Below is a list of online survey sites you can register on:

  • Swagbucks offer a free $5 signup bonus,
  • MyPoints also provides a $5 free signup bonus,
  • Survey Club,
  • American Consumer Opinion,
  • PanelPlace,
  • Survey Junkie,
  • QuickRewards,
  • Harris Poll,
  • Point Club and
  • VIP Voice.


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3. Drive for Uber


Drive for Uber - 21 Genius Ways To Make Extra Income On The Side


This of the ways to get extra cash is so underrated as some people do not want to be identified as an “Uber driver.” If you are one person that works Monday to Friday, you can decide to drive for Uber during the weekend.

Driving for Uber is one profitable way to make money as you get $100 after you give your first ride. Click here to register.


4. Earn More Interest on Your Savings

Do you know some banks pay you a certain amount for saving with them? Now you know!

Moving your savings to a type of bank account that pays you a nice amount of money as interest will help you get more money. Some banks pay as much as 1% of your savings, and doing this for at least 10 minutes every day will go a long way.


5. Sell Your Stuff

Why would you allow that old stuff to make your house overly crowded when you can sell them off and make money? When it comes to holding on to things we never use, I am no saint because I do that too.

It will make a difference both in your home and in your pocket when you take some time out to go through those things you never use.

And when you are done selecting them, get rid of them by selling them off. This will make your house less jampacked and will put some cash in your pocket!

There are various apps online where you can sell off your used household items.


6. Invest Your Savings

Although saving your money at a bank is risky, it is one sure-fire way to make extra income.

TradeKing is the best bet for a DIY investor, Stash (app) is suitable for new investors, and Motif Investing offers a $150 free signup bonus with already made themes.


7. Bet on Your Weight Loss

This is a funny way to make money, but it works just fine. Placing a bet on your weight loss will encourage you to shed those pounds just because you don’t want to lose your money, and you will also make additional money.

HealthyWage.com is a site that allows you to place a certain amount on a bet, and when you successfully lose weight, you get extra money. Give it a try today!


8. Download the Shop tracker App

On successfully downloading the shop tracker app,  they will send you a $3 Visa Gift Card.  And also, you will get $3 every month for as long as you keep the app installed.


9. Use Swagbucks for Online Search

Swagbucks is a great way to earn both cash and Amazon gift cards with little work. It has an online search engine just like Google, and when you use it, you get “SBs” in reward for everything you do on their site.

These “SBs” can be redeemed for cash, so hello to extra money!


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10. Peer to Peer Lending

Did you know that you can use the money you have to get extra money? This is not money doubling or gambling, by the way.

It is Peer to peer lending, and Lending Club offers such a service. The way this Lending Club service works is that you get to act as a lender, and when you are ready to get your money back, you get it with interest!


11. App Development

Since the mobile app world is a fast developing one, there will always be a place for you. All you need is your pure creativity to know which app would be a hit!

The best thing about app development is that the developer gets paid whether or not the app becomes a hit!


12. Cleaning Service

This is one of the ways to make extra income may not be a fancy or glamorous one, but it does pay.


Cleaning Service - 21 Genius Ways To Earn Additional On The Side


Nobody wants to work or live in a dirty and untidy environment. Hence, it is a very lucrative way to get money because most prominent companies and even small businesses pay to get their offices cleaned after work hours.

In situations where a couple is too busy to clean their home, they will need the help of a cleaner to get their house neat and in shape. You can make yourself available, and for this, you will get paid!


13. Customer Service


Customer Service - 21 Genius Ways To Make Extra Money On The Side


You can visit any company in need of a part-time customer care service. By part-time, they mean customer service representatives that will work from home. All you will be asked to do is handle incoming phone calls or live chat service requests.


14. Ghostwriting

This is somewhat similar to Blogging, but this is different because you get to write anonymously.  And with the growth rate of websites seeking recognition, writing will always be in demand.

This is because, for every interested reader, there must be a captivating content. You can start on your own by creating amazing content, or you find gigs through Contena.


15. Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is all about companies inviting you over and giving you some of their products to verify. Most times, they do it as regards your in-store or on-the-phone experience.

And sometimes, it could be to help spy on their competitors. They ask you some questions, and your money follows!

Whichever one it is, you are offering a service that is not your primary work, and you are still getting paid. Depending on how well you get invited, you could make up to $10,000 or more in a year.


16. Proofreading

If you are someone that likes to pay attention to every detail or you love a piece of writing to be perfect, go for this! You can create a profile as a proofreader on Upwork or Fiverr, and you are sure to make decent money.


17. Online Teaching

Teaching online is another way to make extra income.

For those who cannot afford a physical teacher, this is what they will go for because it is less expensive. You can decide on ay subject you want to teach and most preferably, your area of interest.

And since it is online, you will get students from every part of the world.

For example, Udemy is an online platform where students in quest of knowledge about any subject can connect with their teachers. And the amazing thing is that you get to draft your course syllabus, and you decide the tuition fee.


18. Translation Service

The translation service can also be called the interpretation service. For those that are bilingual or multilingual, this is the best way to use the knowledge you have to make money.

There are translation jobs available on Upwork, and setting up a profile on there is an excellent way to begin the journey into money making!


19. Creating A YouTube Channel

YouTube is owned by alphabet.inc, and it pays channel owners for placing ads on their videos. This means that you get paid based on every view you get on your video in as much as they also saw the ads.

A lot of YouTubers admitted making over $100,000 a year, so it is a very lucrative business, so to say.


20. Tour Guide Service

Are you proud of your city such that you want to show it off at every opportunity?

Being a tour guide allows you free access without feeling like you are doing too much. To get started, you can create a report of your personal tor experiences on LocalGuiding.com or Vayable.com.


21. Photography

You can turn your passion into something that will fetch you additional money.


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The above is a list of the fantastic and genius things you can do to make extra income on the side. Please note the repetition of the word “on the side,” and this is because the listed jobs may not replace your major job.

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