17 Proven Ways to Lose Weight Permanently

Losing weight is tough. It is even more difficult to lose weight permanently. Maintaining weight loss is more challenging because it is easy to feel like you are working hard without paying off.

This is unlike current weight loss where your effort almost always results in a notable reduction in pounds and inches. So, weight maintenance is like treading water, where you put in much effort without a noticeable effect.

For instance, according to the Women’s sports foundation, more than 60% of adults in the United States are either overweight or obese. This has caused the fitness industry to worth as much as $20 billion.

However, if you’re trying to slim down, you do not have to despair. Plenty of studies show that losing weight permanently is not a myth. Stick to this 17 research-backed food, exercise, and lifestyle tips in your routine, and you will see the pounds start to shed.


Permanent weight loss is not a myth. Stick to this 17 research-backed food, exercise, and lifestyle tips in your routine, and you start to see the pounds shed.



17 Proven Ways To Lose Weight Permanently

Truthfully, when it comes to weight loss, there is no magic. Instead, a combination of healthy habits and regular exercise is necessary to lose weight permanently. These tips will point you in the right direction towards achieving your weight loss goal.


1. Take Dieting As A Lifestyle

Dieting as if it is something to be endured for a short time will not help you. To lose weight permanently, it is essential to make changes in the way you eat.

Occasionally, you may succumb to urges, but cutting calories temporarily and reverting to old eating habits can help you gain weight faster than you blink.

Because instant results are motivating, nutritionists advise that being on a stricter diet for the first two weeks of your new eating plan can help to build momentum. Ease slowly into your diet plans, small amounts of foods that contain many calories to sustain your diet plans.

Afterward, go ahead to set specific goals, such as establishing a maximum number of drinks you can take in a week or reducing pizza to one slice.

In your weekly eating schedule, make room for your indulgence at least once a week and give yourself a spontaneous treat during this time.


2. Eat A Large Breakfast


Eat a Large Breakfast-17 Proven Ways To Lose Weight Permanently.


Breakfast has always been said to be the most important meal of the day. A lot of times, it has been told that it is a must to start the day with a healthy and well-balanced breakfast. This advice cannot be overstated.

In a study by the Imperial College London, it was found that when people skipped breakfast, the effect centers in their brains as it considers high-calorie foods more desirable when shown their pictures.

That means anytime you skip breakfast, you will be more tempted by high-calorie foods for a snack later during the day.

A 2013 study shows that women who enjoyed a substantial morning meal had a more significant decrease in ghrelin, the hunger hormone, than those who ate a small breakfast.


3. Weigh Yourself Consistently


Weigh Yourself Consistently- Proven Ways To Shed Pounds and Keep it Off


The best evidence or way to view your progress or lack of one is by using the scales. Watching the pin on your scale move up and down or not move at all can help you to keep up with your routine or rethink your method.

The scale provides the best evidence about whether your efforts are paying off, Beck Busis says.  A 2015 study at Cornell University discovered that daily weigh-ins helped people lose more weight, keep it off, and maintain the loss of it. This effect even lingers after two years.

For best results, you need to step on the scale at the same time every day for the best results. If you notice a giant leap in your weight by several pounds, do not panic. Perhaps you have just consumed a lot of salt before, or you are on your period.


4. Eat More Fiber Daily


Eat More Fiber Daily to Lose Weight and Maintain It.


Another natural way to lose weight permanently is to increase the rate of daily fiber intake. This may be just as effective as following a strict diet.

In an American Heart Association study, one group was asked to conform to a diet with stringent nutrient goals and limits on calories, sugar, and saturated fat. In contrast, the other group was instructed to consume 30 grams of fiber a day.

The study concludes that both groups lost weight and improved their heart health. This shows that losing weight may be as easy as filling up on more fiber.


5. Keep Track of Your Food Consumption

While aiming at a permanent weight loss, it is essential that you keep a food and drink journal. You can do this with an app or a pen and paper. Keeping a record of everything you eat and drink holds you accountable to yourself.

Do not try to fall into the trap of assessing your daily food intake by memory. Being responsible, by journaling, is a proven weight loss strategy.

Think about it, would you go for M&Ms if you knew you would have to journal it after eating? Researchers say that you would probably skip it because writing down every bite makes you more responsible and reduces calorie intake.

Another study, done on a large scale found that keeping a daily food journal doubled the number of weight participants lost.


6. Eat Protein and Fruit Together

Apples, bananas, strawberries are great for your waistline and body in general. However, to perfect them and make them more satisfying, you should take them along with a bit of protein.

An apple and a cup of skimmed milk is a natural choice that provides 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber for 200 calories. Half an avocado filled with 2 ounces of cottage cheese is another 200-calorie fruit-and-dairy combo that fills you up with 9 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber.


7. Avoid Alcohol


Avoid Alcohol to burn calories permanently


A single cup of wine, spirit, or beer contains about 125 calories. We know that those calories can add up when we overindulge. However, it does not end there.

A 2015 study published on obesity finds that alcohol stimulates women’s brains to become more sensitive to the smell of food and to eat more. This is why you would likely be seen with a plate of chicken wings or nachos during a night of drinking.


8. Avoid Stress and Sleep Well

When you feel tired and drained out, your body increases the production of cortisol stress hormone. The increase in stress hormone levels can cause the rate of carb craving to increase.

Also, not sleeping enough can crank up the ghrelin hormone that causes hunger while reducing the leptin hormone that indicates that you are full.

A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal showed that people on a diet who slept for about eight and a half hours at night for two weeks lost up to 55 percent more fat than those who had about five and a half hours.

Those who had less sleep were also found to be hungrier than those who slept more.

This means that you need to prioritize sleep by aiming for seven hours or more a night. Research also shows that much sleep can help to reduce stress.


9. Ignore Processed Food


Ignore Processed Food to Burn Fat Permanently


Making meals by yourself from scratch can be stressful. However, relying on packaged products and frozen foods can be harmful in the long run.

A recent study has found that we tend to burn about 50% more calories in metabolizing whole foods than processed foods.

Therefore, not only are you likely to lower your calorie input when you prepare your meals, your body rewards you with a metabolism boost.


10. Concentrate On Your Meals

When you take breakfast while operating your smartphone, lunch while working, or dinner while catching a Tv show, You will be surprised how much calories you have consumed.

Research from Cornell University’s food and the brand lab has shown that eating when you are distracted can cause you to eat more calories than you would when you focus on your meal. This is because when you are distracted, you tend to ignore your body’s signal that you are satisfied.

Therefore, when you want to eat, sit at a table and make sure that you are in a distraction-free zone. Concentrate on your food, chew slowly, and do not be in a rush to put in another bite without swallowing first.

A study in the British Journal of Nutrition shows that women eat up to 30 percent less when they are not distracted as compared to others who listened to an audiobook while at lunch.


11. Set An Activity Alarm

For those who live a sedentary lifestyle and wish to lose weight permanently, the chances are that you spend most of your day in a chair or a spot. So, instead of allowing time to pass you by, set the alarm or a notification setting in between bathroom breaks.

This will help you to get up and be active every 30 minutes or so. This simple act can help to boost your metabolism by 13%.


12. Reduce Meat Intake

A 2013 study published in the American Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics affirms that generally, Vegetarians are thinner and healthier than meat-eaters.

Even though going vegetarian might not be realistic, a sure way to slim down and lose weight permanently is to replace meat with plant protein.

For instance, black beans will provide about 15 grams of protein per serving, while mushrooms that are rich in umami flavor can replace half the ground beef in most recipes.


13. Do Early Morning Exercises


Getting some early morning exercise done can increase your rate of metabolism, helping you to burn more calories during the day.

An Appalachian State University research has shown that 45 minutes of morning exercise can help to increase metabolism rate so much that you burn an extra 190 calories during the day.

Try a routine of the basics like jumping jacks, squats, and push-ups.


14. Keep Up Your Activity Level

It is essential to point out that while trying to lose weight permanently, you worked out in the morning is not an excuse to limit your activity level during the day.

So, try to park your car a little farther from your office so you can walk or take the stairs instead of elevators. Get up during work hours and stretch by walking around.

French researchers have shown that when obese teens exercise, they counterbalance by decreasing their activity later in the day. Also, another study in older adults showed that exercising failed to improve overall daily calorie burn because participants were inactive for the rest of the day.


15. Use an Activity Tracker

If you have much trouble doing an intensive workout, or you find that your workout sessions are always shorter than you like, then you should get an activity tracker.

Real-time feedback from wearable gadgets that track your heart rate or calories burned may motivate you to work yourself harder than you usually would.

It is also great because it helps you to feel connected to your sessions and so might increase your work out time. Amazon offers some of the best activity trackers such as the Fitbit Charge HR ($99) and Withings Pulse Ox Tracker ($87).


16. Use The Weight Room

Do you know that it is possible to pump iron without resulting in bulk? Do you also know that you will not look awkward doing so? Often, the fear that keeps us away from what we should do only resides in our heads.

In reality, weightlifting can keep the rate of metabolism up for days after the workout session. This implies that your body can keep up with burning calories for days after you leave the weight room.

A study finds that engaging in strength training for about 40 minutes daily twice a week for four months can increase the average resting metabolism rate by 100 calories daily.


17. Have Fun Exercising


Have Fun Exercising to effectively lose weight and keep it off


When you think of exercise as a chore, you are most likely going to try to avoid it. This may then lead to eating more.

In 2014, researchers from Cornell University asked for volunteers to go on a brisk walk informing half of them that it was for exercise and the other half that it was a relaxing stroll.  On completion of the trail, they discovered that the restful stroll lot ate 30% less chocolate than the exercise group.

Therefore, to spice up your workout sessions, get a partner, and stop exercising on your own. You will be less likely to skip a workout when you know that your partner is waiting for you. You can also sign up for a Zumba class to maintain weight loss while having maximum fun.


Losing weight and maintaining your newly gained stature should be your goal. We know you can do it and our suggested tips in this post will help you pull through easily.



Losing weight and maintaining your newly gained stature should be your goal. It wouldn’t be nice gaining some more fat after a successful weight loss.

I know it’s not an easy task, but it isn’t impossible either. You can do it! Our suggested tips in this post will help you pull through easily.

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