17 Clever Kitchen Appliances That Will Save You Time & Money In The Kitchen

Everyone loves a good kitchen that makes it easy to get your cooking done. Nothing beats having great kitchen appliances that make cooking easier, faster, and cheaper.

It is a widely accepted fact that home-cooked meals taste better and has more quality than store-bought foods. However, to get that taste and quality you desire, you must get your kitchen in order.

In this post, we have made a list of 17 kitchen appliances that will make the job of cooking comfortable and allow you to get those home-cooked meals. We hope that these tools get you pumped up and looking forward to cooking breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Here are 17 clever kitchen appliances and gadgets that will help you both time and money and make your cooking super adventurous.


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1. Juicer


Juicer- 17 Clever Kitchen Appliances


Juicers are must-have kitchen appliances. It is wise to get one in your kitchen if you do not have it already. They not only squeezed lemon, orange, and lime; they also juice vegetables.

They save you energy and extract as much juice as possible, unlike when you do that manually or with the old juicers. You even don’t have to worry about seeds or waste pulps because they work well in the compost bin.

Also, freshly squeezed juices are superior in taste, quality, and nutritional value to store-bought juices. Hence your need for a juicer. Serving your visitors with fresh juice also assures you the refreshment they need.

Juicers are obtainable for as low as $12. A masticating juicer is better than a centrifugal type as it is more efficient and you get more juice out of the juicing process


2. Rice Cooker


Rice Cooker- Kitchen gadgets to save money and time


Next on our list of kitchen appliances that save time and money is a rice cooker. A rice cooker is a more efficient way to cook all kinds of rice. It ensures that your rice does not over boil, get burned, or dried without enough liquid.

It also does not take up space on your burner so that you can cook another meal simultaneously. Rice cookers come with well-marked measurements to ensure that you get the ratio of your ingredients right.

Rice cookers can make oats for breakfast or dinner. Whether you like it soupy, firm or in-between, rice cookers work. They also come with inner removable and an outer chamber for easy use and cleaning.

Rice cookers allow you to prepare breakfast while doing other things without any risk. Just put ingredients in, and you can step out of the kitchen while your meal gets ready in 20 minutes or less.


3. Rubber Spatulas


Rubber Scaptula for saving time and money


Rubber spatulas are a necessary kitchen appliance with the added advantage of saving your time and money. Essentially, rubber spatulas are great for spreading seasonings on bread or toasted sandwich.

They ensure that the last of your mayonnaise does not go to waste and helps you to pour your batter without losing it.

These lovely spatulas spread cleaner and better in one swoop than butter knives.  They also help you to save time when you are making sandwiches for a large number of people.


4. Colander


Colander- Best Kitchen Gadgets You Should Try


Colanders come in metal or plastic forms. They are faster and efficient for draining foods, whether pasta, rice, or vegetables. Keeping the lid of the pot on without using a colander while draining does not guarantee that food will not pour out as much as colander does.

It is also ineffective in that you can get burnt in the process with the steam that is escaping. Wounds are avoidable with the use of colander in the kitchen.

It also not cost more than necessary, and you can get for a little price a colander of excellent quality.


5. Airtight Storage Containers


Air Tight Storage- Best Appliance to Save Time


Storage containers allow you to store your food, baking ingredients, and organize spice packs and meal mixtures without wasting much money or time. They also help you to find what you need in your pantry at a glance without much stress.

Storage containers help to keep ingredients fresh and to keep foods from spillage. It also helps to avoid a kitchen disaster as a result of spilling an open box of foods or bags of flour.

They save time by preventing vacuuming and sweeping, which can happen as a result of accidental spillage in the kitchen.

You must go for quality containers as they can keep oxygen out and allow your food to stay fresh for longer. Go for containers made from sturdy and thick plastic, which can last for years or as long as you want it to with no issues or performance loss.


6. Grater


Grater- 17 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets


A good grater, preferably a stainless steel one, is one of the best kitchen appliances that save time. It is not only a time saver when you are grating cheese, but it also comes in handy when you are grating vegetables of all kinds.

It is not stressful, and you will see that some items are better and faster when grated than when they are chopped with a knife.


7. Blenders


Blender to make cooking more fun and memorable


This handy gadget allows you to do a lot of things ranging from blended cocktails and smoothies to making juice and frozen fruit sorbet.

While buying blenders, you don’t need to be extravagant as you can get blenders for $20 to $30 that will do the work you want it to.

Once you have learned to take full use of your blender, you will realize what a gem it is to have in your kitchen. Not only will it save time and money, but you will also be able to create a variety of menu while having fun.


8. Food Processor


Make your cooking adventure easier with food processor


Food processors are an absolute must-have of kitchen appliances. The best types are food processors that have switchable disks or blades. This gadget is probably any cook’s best friend, and you get to shred block cheese and slice stick pepperoni with it.

Using a food processor to do this is way better than going for store-bought pre-shredded cheese or pre-sliced pepperoni. It can also be used to chop any vegetable in little time or make peanut butter and whipped cream.

Food processors are great for making dips and mixing tuna fish. You can make delicious guacamole in a few minutes.

They are also easy to clean, and their results are better than store-bought processed foods. By the time you start using it, you will discover new ways to enjoy it.


9. Freezers and Fridge


Freezer and Fridge to make your cooking less stressful


Combined or as a standalone, fridge and freezers are essential to keep food ready for cooking and fresh. You must choose a size that that fits your need.

If you store lots of fruits and vegetables, you must get a big sized fridge or freezer. Keeping your freezer full of fruits and made ahead meals make it easier to prepare meals or heat ready meals.

However, when you are making your choice of a fridge or freezer, remember to check the efficiency rating because these kitchen appliances run continuously and take-up units of electricity, especially if you don’t use them as instructed.


10. Hand Mixers


Hand Mixers to make your cooking super adventurous


Hand mixers are an essential part of kitchen equipment that saves time and money, especially if you are a baking enthusiast. You save more time without the manual hand whisking.

They are ideal for whisking egg whites, kneading dough, and beating the batter for the cake.

More interestingly, they are easy to clean and store than stand mixers. When you are getting a hand mixer, make sure that you get one that is comfortable to grip and comes with all the accessories you will need for comfortable and cheap cooking.


11. Kettle



Kettle for saving money and time


In any kitchen, it is essential to have a kettle. An average household will use their kettle at least once in a day. Kettles are mainly used to make a cup of coffee or tea.

It can also be used to steam vegetables, and it saves you time. Consider using an Eco kettle to boil the water you need while saving money and time in the process.


12. Slow Cooker


Make your Cooking Less Stressful with Slow Cooker


Another vital equipment in every kitchen is a slow cooker, also called a crockpot. Apart from it being an energy saver, it is a great way to use leftovers as you can just add some broth to them in the slow cooker to make soup.

Crockpots are also the easiest way to cook chicken meat for casseroles or pot pies that require cooked chicken. They also make it easy to create your chicken broth. Crockpots can prepare food for long as long as you want it to.

It can also prepare chicken utterly such that the meat will fall off the bones, and the skin will remove easily. They are used for cooking foods ranging from beans to multiple meals like soup. Slow cookers can fit into your family schedule perfectly.

In situations where family members eat at different times, a crockpot guarantees that they can eat a hot meal without having to cook over again.


13. Microwave


Microwave to save stress and time in kitchen


For most household, the microwave is essential as it is regularly used. A basic microwave will do if all you need is a gadget to heat your food or defrost meals.

However, if you want your microwave to do more than that, you should go for something more sophisticated.

Sophisticated microwaves can be used to roast and bake instead of an oven. While shopping for a microwave, look out for energy and eco-friendly microwave.


14. Carbon Steel Wok


Make your cooking a lot memorable with carbon steel wok


Carbon steel woks are an asset in the kitchen. You get to save time and money while cooking healthy meals. Also, you only need to clean one pot after cooking.

A wok can help you get your fresh veggie-based dinner done on time and in fewer minutes. You can get a wok for as low as $20, and the flat-bottomed version is best for every kind of stove.


15. Dishwashers


Make your cooking adventure easier with dishwasher


For most of us, dishwashers are a lifesaver. They are designed to take the frustration out of washing dishes. Running your washer only to have food left on your plates can also be annoying.

Dishwashers are a perfect addition to any kitchen and help you to reduce the time spent cleaning up your meals and more time doing the things that matter.

Some dishwashers come with a power wash feature that allows them to clean harsh residues and speed dry options that will enable them to dry dishes quickly.


16. Cupcake Maker


Make your cooking faster with cupcake maker


For those who have sweet-toothed family members, it is wise to get a cupcake maker handy. They are an excellent addition to your kitchen appliances!

All you need to do is mix the batter for your cupcake and pour it into the cupcake maker. It is so quick that you can get oven-fresh hot cupcakes in just 10 minutes.


17. Soap Dispenser


Make your cooking super adventurous with soap dispenser


Soap dispensers help you to extend the life of your hand soap in the kitchen. They are usually decorative, and all you need is to combine a quantity of soap with five times that amount of water.

The dispenser creates a lathery foam wash after doing this. It comes with an attractive bottle that adds beauty to your kitchen too — soap dispensers, one with lines on the side that allows you to measure your soap and water ratio.

They also reduce soap waste as the nozzle will enable you to dispense just what you need for any activity. One or two pushes help you to pour what you need, not more.


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Cooking is fun, amazing, memorable, and super adventurous (especially when you are trying out new recipes). Make your cooking adventure easier, faster, and less stressful by getting any of these affordable kitchen appliances.

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