20 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

How to make money online- Are you searching for the best online business ideas to earn extra income on the side? This post is for you.

The internet today is a powerful platform that offers limitless opportunities for one to start a business or discover a fulfilling career. In this post, I will share 20 easy and proven legitimate ideas that can fetch you real money online.


Earning extra income on the side can immensely help in achieving one's financial goals. These are 20 legal ways to make money online that pay easily. #earnmoneyonline #financialgoals #sidejobs


Why We Need Extra Income?

Some people don’t see the need for having a side job or making extra income while others can’t see the possibility. However, I think earning extra income can improve your life a lot!

I was able to pay off my student loan through freelance writing, and now I am saving up to accomplish my goals.

Earning a side income can help you to;


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20 Legal Ways to Make Money Online 

Generally, for you to start a successful business that will fetch you real cash, you have to work exceeding hard. So, don’t think because online business is easier to do, it won’t require your hard work and dedication.

Let’s take a look at the legal business ideas that will help you make extra cash online.


1. Blogging


This is one of the proven and successful ways to make real money online. If you are a writer or you are passionate about writing, you can make a whole lot of money doing it.

There are tons of Bloggers like Darren Rowse, John Lee Dumas, and Pat Flynn, who are making six-figure incomes and others who run successful blogs as their full-time business.

You can decide to own a beauty and fashion blog where you review products or produce make-up tutorials; or a lifestyle-oriented blog, where you share home decorations ideas.

Whatever topic you choose to write about, bear it in mind that you can be a source of information (or amusement) about anything that is of interest to you.

It is not difficult to own a successful blog; make sure that your contents are engaging, exciting, and informative. As your blog grows, you can choose to monetize it.

One of the most popular ways to monetize your blog is by displaying ads using Google AdSense. Another strategy is launching other online businesses on your platform.


2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make extra income. As an affiliate marketer, you don’t need to create or sell products. All you have to do is promote a seller’s product to a buyer, and you get your sale commission.

Any time there is a sale from the recommendation or web traffic of an internet affiliate, the affiliate earns money. Most affiliate marketers promote these products and services by running their blogs, websites, and email lists.

Note that for you to be able to drive traffic programs for a particular product, you must learn the different online marketing strategies such as SEO and content marketing to build an audience.


3) Freelance writing

Perhaps you have a flair for writing; then, freelance writing could be a good option. There are several successful freelance writers out there who’ve have replaced their full-time job with their freelance business.

To become a freelance writer, you must not necessarily have a degree in English. If you can write a half-decent article, that’s a good start.

What you have to do is to connect with huge sites like Upwork and the likes and get paid for every single article you write or edit on varying topics ranging from business to news articles.


4) Online Tutoring 


Online tutoring can be another immense way of making extra income, especially if you are searching for a part-time job.

Tutoring online is presently a growing industry with vast business opportunities for virtually everyone, ranging from a professional teacher to a college student.

You can decide to teach anyone any subject you are good at -science, math, foreign language, and even test preparation. By tutoring online, you are your boss; you have absolute control over your time and the desired amount of workload.

Besides, you can always offer your services directly by marketing to schools around your area or even placing ads in neighborhood newsletters and on bulletin boards.

Aside from that, you can also use the online platforms designed to match tutors with students. You can earn $20 per hour or more; moreover, you don’t have to be highly experienced to tutor GCSE or even A-Level students.


5) Transcriptionist

Even though you don’t have a flair for writing or programming, you can still work as a freelance transcriptionist.

To transcribe audio files, you need little or no experience. All you need is to develop your typing and listening skills. Transcribing is a detailed job, but luckily you can do it any time of day or night. You can check for these fantastic companies to start freelancing with.

  • TranscribeMe.
  • SpeakWrite.
  • GMR Transcription.
  • Rev.


6) Become a Social Media Influencer

By building up your social media handles, you can easily and legitimately make money online.

My sister is a successful Instagram Influencer, and she is making a living out of it.  She was able to build a massive audience by posting quality content on her Instagram handle.

You can earn a lot of money by collaborating with great brands or companies and post sponsored content to the audience your social media accounts.

However, for you to start earning money, you will have to build and grow your social media accounts by posting quality write-ups, comments, tweaks, and photos regularly.

To become a successful social media Influencer, you can check out this incredible article from Shopify on how to build and grow your Instagram following to get started as an Influencer.


7) Selling Pictures Online

If you are a photography enthusiast or you have a talent for taking pictures, you can make extra income by becoming a stock photographer.

Becoming a stock photographer is not difficult, create and upload your photographs that are of people’s interest to stock websites like iStock and Shutterstock

And if any of your photos get downloaded from anywhere in the world, you will get paid for a few dollars per downloaded photo. However, a good starting place is Adobe Stock or Getty Images.

Besides, you can own your photography website that will showcase your portfolio, and start getting higher-paid private corporate work.


8) Online Survey


Engaging in market research can also fetch you extra income and stop you from depending on paychecks. An online survey is all about collecting data on consumer trends and spending habits on major brands.

This is to enable the brands to analyze and learn how to market their products effectively.

The research is mostly done via online questionnaires. So, if you choose to become a researcher, I recommend you start with Swagbucks. They’re presently offering a free $10 sign-up bonus, and they’re the largest legitimate survey site worldwide.

Check out other online survey sites that pay well here. You can also download these survey apps.


9) Watch and Rate Movies and Videos Online

Swagbucks will pay you to watch videos, movies, and even news programs, and rate them. You will earn points for each video you view, and these points are redeemable either for cash (through PayPal) or through gift cards.

Although you won’t make a fortune with Swagbucks, it can fetch you extra monthly income on the side.


10) Become  a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant helps an organization in bookkeeping, research, database entry, book travels, manage e-mails, etc. If you have a knack for this, I recommend you to be a virtual assistant.

Apart from providing office tasks, being a virtual assistant will enable you to meet influential people, network, and grow another means of income. To find great gigs, check UpWork, Fiverr, Indeed, and Remote.co.


11) Podcasting

Podcasts are a series of audio files that are available on the internet where users can subscribe to download and listen. Through podcasting, you can get to build an audience and make money easily online.

However, for you to become a successful podcaster, you will need to create engaging topics that can captivate your audience. This will help to build up an enormous audience and attract advertisers.

Besides advertisements, you can also earn hugely through sponsorships, partnerships, and affiliate marketing.

There are numerous businessmen today who are successfully making a living through podcasting. John Lee Dumas is one of them. John makes more than $200,000 a month from his podcast Entrepreneur on Fire. He has made about $13 million since he began podcasting in 2012.


12) Become a Web designer

My friend loves designing, and he is a tech-savvy, he earns nothing less than $1,000 each month he builds websites for small businesses. Web designing is another legitimate way of earning extra income online.

From branding and color schemes, to ease of use and user satisfaction, web designers are the ones responsible for creating a website and bringing it to life.

Note that to become a web designer, you need to master these essential pieces of software and be proficient in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Besides, you can build up your career in web designing if all this sort of geek-speak inspires you. Maybe you’d like to learn more, check out this article by Creative Market on how to become a web designer.


13) Self- Publishing

Are you a skillful writer, yet publishers reject your articles? Why don’t you try publishing your articles with the Amazon Kindle store? With Amazon, you can become a writer and a publisher and earn real money.

Once you have written the ebook, you can decide to market the e-book through Amazon’s Kindle program or your website/blog and maybe through affiliate marketing. Then, you begin to get sales through a rigorous automated process.


14) Run Facebook Ads

You can decide to help small businesses run their ads on Facebook. Over the years, Facebook Ads have become increasingly popular. This is because they are very effective and efficient in reaching their target audience.

Facebook ad specialists help businesses get more customers and make sales. They help to create Facebook ads for clients, ensures the advertisement reaches the target audience and as well gets ROI.

Also, Facebook Ad specialists are in charge of Managing advertising budgets and monitoring campaigns

As a Facebook specialist, you can make $1,000 – $2,000 per month per client; besides, you need little or no website and marketing experience to start. If you get to have an excellent reputation in your online community, your income can increase significantly.

To learn how to run Facebook Ads (Psst…Click here to learn how easily).


15) Freelance Proofreader

Besides freelance writing or photographing, you can also become a freelance proofreader. If you can edit writings correctly in terms of sentence and grammar construction, punctuations, etc., then start making money with your proofreading skill.

Caitlin Pyle of Proofread Anywhere earned up to $43,000 in her first year as a proofreader during her while studying abroad. Fantastic, right?

And once she found out that demand for the skill was high, she started an online course to aid others to start their own proofreading business. If you want to learn more about proofreading, you can subscribe to her free workshops almost every day.

Moreover, as a proofreader, no one sets your working time; you can choose your workload and set your rates. Honestly, there is nothing like being your boss.


16) Become an Online Travel Agent

If you love traveling or you find yourself randomly looking for airfare sales, bookings, why don’t you consider becoming a private travel agent? You can make money online through travel consulting. To know all about travel consulting(click here)


17) Selling your crafts online


Are you a lover of crafts? Are you good with your hands? or perhaps you enjoy creating homemade goods. You should try selling them on Etsy. Etsy is a site designed for the sale of arts and crafts.

From bracelets to phone cases, rings, furniture, and more, you can make a lot of money selling your crafts creations on the site. As long as you have space on Etsy, this can make for one of the best ways to make money online; you can start with very little investment.

Besides, their commission charge is incredibly low. For each sale, they take a commission of 3.5%, which is reasonably moderate than other online market charges.

Here’s how to increase your sales on Etsy.


18) Selling Products Online

Maybe you are looking to sell your products or that of others online, Shopify is your safe bet. With Shopify, you can power your online store and make extra money on the side.

Interestingly, the platform provides you with everything you need to get and design your online store and running in less than 24 hours.


19) Develop and sell software online

Do you have gigs for creating software? Why don’t you consider becoming a software developer? Currently, there is a high demand for useful software in the market today. You can become an app specialist to solve a specific niche problem/issue.

Also, you can create an enormously successful business by building software for people and at the same time by selling the apps online.

Many successful apps, particularly those in the Apple and Google stores, are created and marketed by individuals and small businesses. Independent developers made $20 billion in the App Store in 2016 alone.

So, If you’re willing to learn the development skills necessary to build high-quality software products (or even MVPs to help you get funding), I recommend these popular online learning TreehouseCodeAcademy, and Skillcrush.


20) Manage An Artists page

Managing an artist page can earn you an extra income on the side.

If you have little knowledge of social media and its usage, you can make money online by maintaining those pages by searching for jobs on Fiverr. You can manage your favorite artist, musician, entrepreneur’s fan pages on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


Looking to gain financial freedom and stop depending on your paycheck? Here are 20 legit ways to make money online. With these tips, you can earn thousands of dollars in no time. #sidehustles #workfromhome #makemoneyonline #makemoneyfromhome #extraincome



Making extra income is very pertinent to everyone.  It doesn’t only help in saving for lifetime goals but also aids you from depending on paychecks.

You should pick a side job that will help you to fetch extra income among the 20 business ideas on how to make money online.

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