DIY Natural Homemade Tanning Lotion & Oil That Works

Homemade Tanning Lotion & Oil – Summer is that time when everybody, especially ladies, desire to look gorgeously tanned and sexy on the beach.

You might be wondering if it’s possible to make natural homemade tanning lotion without any side effects. That is why this article is pivotal for you.

Do you know that the commercial tanning lotion and bed can damage your sexy skin? Sometimes, such type of damage is not easily corrected, especially if skincare is not done properly.

Commercial tanning lotions may also come with bad smell and contain harmful chemicals. This is why I recommend homemade tanning lotion that allows you to decide its content.

It also allows you to make tanning lotions that are very cheap and safe. This means that you can decide on the color you want and the kind of smell you want too. The good thing is that it has little or no side effects whatsoever.


Whenever it's summer time, all ladies want a sexy, hot and tanned body but don't know what to use to get the tan. Here are easy DIY natural homemade tanning lotion and oil that will give you that tanning body you want.


1. Coffee or Tea Homemade Tanning Lotion

In producing this homemade tanning oil, you can use either espresso or tea. However, it is better to use coffee as it makes the skin look and feels incredibly tanned.

Regardless of which brand of coffee, ensure you use caffeinated coffee only. Its caffeine content firms and revamps the skin, reducing wrinkles and getting rid of cellulite.


  • Grounded caffeinated coffee or tea bags
  • Unscented white lotion


  • Brew caffeinated coffee or tea

(If you prefer coffee, use enough grounds for an entire pot but add only enough water to make one cup. If you are using tea, use about 5-6 tea bags, enough to make a gallon of tea, but only about one cup of water.)

  • Mix enough lotion and coffee/tea to get your desired shade
  • Remember that the more coffee or tea you add, the darker the result of the tan
  • Put the resulting tanning lotion in a spray tan bottle and apply it weekly.

Note: Shake the tanning lotion well before each use to make mix the lotion evenly

  • Exfoliate skin before application
  • You may not add the lotion to the mixture; the tea or coffee liquid works just fine on its own.
  • Use the tanning lotion every week for the best result.


 2. Cocoa Powder and White Lotion Homemade Tanning Lotion


Cocoa Powder and White Lotion Homemade Tanning Lotion


Necessary ingredients for this recipe for homemade tanning lotion includes undiluted pure cocoa powder and white lotion.

You can use any white lotion for any skin; but if you have dry skin, it is best to use lotions that are specially made for dry skin. However, don’t use a scented white lotion with a delicious fragrance, as it does not go well with cocoa powder.


  • Blend half cup of unscented white lotion in a container with 1/3 cup of undiluted pure cocoa powder,
  • Mix them thoroughly, so has to break up any form of clumps,
  • Continue adding a little bit of pure cocoa powder at a time until you get your favorite color shade,
  • Apply the homemade tanning lotion over your entire body evenly and gently,
  • Leave the blend to dry for at least 5-7 minutes before you put on the cloth.

You can customize the mix to match your desired skin color. The lotion looks darker in the container than it would look on the skin. Use homemade tanning lotion daily for useful results.

Note: It is important to exfoliate the skin before application, and you can pick your choice of exfoliators. This is to remove dead cells or dry patches on the skin. It is also to expose skin pores.

  • Keep lotion in a Tupperware container or an empty bottle that was once used for lotion
  • Choose a moisturizing lotion for better results
  • Stay away from your pets because of the smell
  • You will be able to see the color as you apply it


3. Homemade Self Tanner Recipe


Homemade Self Tanner Recipe



  • Eight bags of organic black tea
  • 16oz of water
  • One tablespoon of vanilla extract


  • Boil 16oz of water and one tablespoon of vanilla concentrate,
  • Pour over tea packs and let steep for no less than 8 minutes,
  • Removed your tea bag
  • Allow homemade tanning lotion to cool down
  • Put in a spray tan bottle and spray on your skin
  • Rub all over your body

This takes thirty minutes or more to prepare.

Note: Do not shower with the hot mixture on your skin and don’t forget to exfoliate your skin for a better result before applying.


4. Homemade Sunscreen Recipes


Homemade Sunscreen Recipes-Tanning lotion and oil



  • 4 tbsp. of coconut oil
  • 4 tbsp. of cup beeswax
  • 2 tbsp. of Zinc Oxide
  • 8 tbsp. of almond or olive oil


  • Mix ingredients, except zinc oxide, in a jar
  • Fill a medium-sized saucepan with 5oz of water
  • Heat water on a stove
  • Lid jar loosely and place in the pan with the water.
  • As the mixture starts to melt, shake or stir occasionally to mix it very well
  • Add the zinc oxide to the well-melted mixture and mix thoroughly
  • Stir a few times as it cools to make sure zinc oxide is incorporated.

Use just like a regular sunscreen. It is best used within six months of making it.


  • Do not use the non-nano brand of zinc oxide
  • Do not inhale Zinc Oxide; it is preferable to use masks
  • Keep zinc out of the reach of children and pet
  • This recipe already has a sun protection factor of about 15, adding more Zinc Oxide increases its sun protection factor –SPF
  • Either use more beeswax than stipulated to make thicker sunscreen or use less to make watery sunscreen
  • Use essential oils like coconut oil or vanilla extract for fragrance
  • This sunscreen is not waterproof and needs to be reapplied after sweating
  • Store homemade tanning lotion in a cool, dry place or in a fridge


5. Homemade Sunless Tanning Oil

What this basically means is the making of oils that give the semblance of a well-tanned body without the body exposed to the sun.

Homemade Sunless tanning oil is easy to make with brown sugar, fresh carrot, and normal water. A few drops of oil can be added to cover the skin more.

It is sprayed or rubbed over the body after a shower. The following ingredients make about one gallon of sunless tanning oil.


  • 2 cups of brown sugar
  • 3 quarts gallon of water
  • 1 lb of fresh carrots (unpeeled)


  • Wash the carrots with clean water and slice them into smaller pieces
  • Heat water on the stove
  • Add sliced carrots and brown sugar
  • Reduce heat and allow to simmer for 2-3 hours
  • Turn off the stove and leave the tanning oil to cool
  • Strain the oil to separate the clumps from the liquid
  • Pour the self-tanner into a spray tan bottle.

Apply tanning oil at least once in a week for effective results.

Note: The tanning impact can last long. Remember to exfoliate before you apply the oil.

Every natural tanning oil has a bothersome ability to make your knees and elbows darker if exfoliation is not done prior to its application.


6. Homemade Green Tea Tanning Lotion

Use Green Tea for Sun Tan Removal: Green tea is one of the most effective natural remedies for removing suntan, skin blemishes, and face scar. Green tea makes the skin glow, smoother and it is a good anti-aging mixture.

This is because it is rich in antioxidants which protect the skin by lowering the stimulation of free radical, which damage skin cells.


  • Green tea
  • Essential oil


  • Brew 2 cups of green tea and allow it to cool
  • Add a teaspoon of essential oil (rose essential oil)
  • Mix properly and pour into a spray bottle
  • Apply to Affected sun-kissed areas.


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As you can see, it is possible to have a homemade tanning lotion that is as effective as store-bought ones. It is even better because you get to decide its contents. You can also make it suit your taste. Make and Enjoy your DIY tanning lotion.

Do share with us if you have any other recipe not mentioned in the post. Have a great summertime out!

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