6 Amazing Foods for a Flat Stomach

If slimming down and achieving a flat stomach is your goal, then you must know that apart from core exercises and workouts, it is also essential to eat nutritious foods that will help you achieve this.

Apart from drinking enough water, eating healthy fat, taking organic produce over preserved ones, and avoiding alcohol and dense, sugary drinks, there are delicious and highly nutritious foods that are great for burning belly fat.

If you want a flat stomach and want to get your abs to look better, you should go for foods that reduce the bloating in your stomach. Such foods include water-filled fruits and vegetables like mango, pineapples, etc.

In this article, we have compiled six amazing meals that will help you burn belly fat, giving you the flat stomach you desire.

This is achievable because these foods boost metabolic rate, reduce bloat in the stomach, and provide the essential nutrients that your body needs to perform.


Get the flat stomach you desire with these readily available foods that help to burn stubborn belly fat. They are probably in your kitchen pantry or fridge right now!


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We know that feeling sluggish or bloated is no fun. So, we have put together a list of foods that can help to reduce belly bloat, build lean muscles in your abdominals, and make you feel light and free.

Although these foods serve the above-listed purposes, they remain delicious and work wonders on your taste buds.

1. Avocado


Avocado- Amazing Foods For A Flat Stomach


First on our list of foods that can help you achieve your flat stomach goals is avocado. It is a delicious addition to your pasta, pudding, toast, and any other cuisine you enjoy to eat.

Avocado contains two grams of filling fiber and four grams of heart-friendly monounsaturated fat, which helps to ward off the accumulation of fat.

Researchers have found that regular consumption of avocado results in a slimmer waist and flatter stomach in subjects who eat it than those who don’t.

Also, apart from the work it pulls on your stomach, avocado also improves the health of your gut.

This is because healthy fats contained in avocado coat the stomach and improve the process of digestion. They also help the body to increase its absorption of other necessary nutrients and antioxidants.


2. Nuts and Nut Butter


Nuts and Nut Butter- Foods to Flatten Your Stomach


Studies have proven that adding foods such as nut and nut butter that are packed with monounsaturated fats to your diet can help you lose more fat than those who ate the same number of calories with less fat than nuts and nut butter.

It doesn’t matter your favorite brand of nut or nut butter, and you are sure to get your body going with healthy fats.

However, we emphasize that you consume nuts and nut butter at a moderate pace. Our recommended intake is 1/4 cup of nuts or a tablespoon of nut butter at each seating.


3. Beans


Beans- Foods to Get a Flat Stomach


Beans are perfect for flattening the belly.

It has been proven by research that eating beans reduces weight and results in slimmer waistlines. This can perhaps be attributed to its low-calorie density but high filling fiber.

Therefore, for achieving a flat stomach, increase your intake of beans and drink a lot of water.


4. Dark Chocolates

This is going to be a relief for people who are on a diet but have a sweet tooth to know that not all kinds of chocolates are off-limits. Good quality dark chocolate rich that is above 65% cacao is an excellent addition to your diet.

Just like avocado, dark chocolates are full of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids that help to speed up the rate of body metabolism.

As long as you watch your ration and avoid indulging while also tracking your calories, you will be fine. We advise that you do not take more substantial than the size of a dental floss container.


5. Ginger


Ginger- How to get rid of belly fat


Many people can attest to the great work that ginger does! Apart from its ability to calm an upset stomach, ginger also has slimming properties that can help to flatten your stomach.

This is due to it containing substances that help to move food through your GI tract, thus reducing bloating.

A 2012 study from Columbia University has shown that participants who drank hot ginger felt fuller after meals than those who didn’t.

So, if you feel fuller, you eat less, and this reduces the number of calories you ingest.

A great way to add ginger to your diet is to make ginger tea. You can start by adding 1/2 teaspoon of freshly grated and ground ginger or a bag of tea to a cup of hot water.


6. Whole Grains


Whole Grains- Foods to Get Rid Of Belly Fat


A gluten-free diet might be the trendy thing right now, but carbs are never the enemy! However, if you have been diagnosed with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, you should avoid them.

For sliming purposes, whole grain carbohydrates are an excellent addition to your diet. They contain a vast amount of filling fiber that aids digestion and increases satiety.

Some researches suggest that women who regularly consume whole grains have a 49% reduction in the risk of gaining weight over time. Also, when compared to refined grains, whole grain foods help to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels.

We recommend starting your day with whole-grain foods like oatmeal or eating on popcorn the next time you feel like snacking. You can also try quinoa or brown rice instead of white.


6 Tips To Get A Flat Stomach

Most times, excess body fat is stored around the midsection. This proves to be a risk on many levels as different health conditions, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes, can stem from it.

Usually, the challenge with fat stored around the midsection is that it is often hard to get rid of. Even with enough diet and exercise, it is usually the hardest body part to get back in shape.

However, the good news is that there are several methods to achieve this. Combining diet and exercises with specific lifestyle changes can prove to be an effective way to get rid of belly fat and tone the abdomen.

Tips and lifestyle adjustments to incorporate include:


1. Eat More Fiber


Eat More Fiber- 6 Tips To Get A Flat Stomach


Fiber is helpful in that it makes you feel fuller for longer. This, in turn, helps to reduce the amount of food you consume during and in between feeding moments.

Also, fiber helps to keep the digestive system healthy and working, which reduces bloating and keeps the stomach flat.


2. Add More Daily Movements


Add More Daily Movements- How to Reduce Belly Fat


If you are looking to lose stomach fat, you should add more daily movement to your routine.

This means that you should add new movements and activities to your daily acts, especially if you usually spend a more significant part of your day sitting at a desk or in one place.

A study suggests that adding more movements to your daily activities can help a person burn about 2000 calories daily based on their body weight and the intensity of such action.

Small actions that you can add to your daily routine includes taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking, using a standing desk, stretching, fidgeting, etc.


3. Reduce high-calorie drinks


Reduce high-calorie drinks- Get rid of belly fat


Drinks that contain high-calorie numbers provide little or no nutrients to the body; instead, drinking them is only adding more calories to the body.

The more obvious high-calorie drinks are soft drinks and energy drinks. However, there are others like alcoholic drinks, milk-based coffee beverages, and juice that contain extra calories and have no real nutritional value.

Avoid the intake of milk-based tea and coffee or keep it to the barest minimum. Also, replace juice with whole fruits that are full of fiber and make mixed alcohol drinks with water and soda in place of cola, ginger ale, or tonic.


4. Reduce Stress

Several studies have linked stress to several health issues, including weight gain. Stress might be a trigger for weight gain because some people tend to eat more when they are stressed.

This is because stress enhances the release of cortisol, a stress hormone that boosts appetite and increases hunger. Hence, the need to work on reducing your stress levels.

Ways to reduce stress include doing exercises and yoga, prioritizing your tasks, taking a break from daily activities, going out with or talking to friends, doing something you enjoy, and sleeping.


5. Drink More Water/ Carry A Water Bottle

Drinking less water can make you accrue fat around your waistline, but drinking more water can help to minimize water retention and bloating.

The stomach bloats from taking little water because the body tries to retain the low amount of water left in it when you don’t drink enough. The bottom line is to ensure that you stay hydrated.

Drinking a glass of water before a meal also helps to fill up the stomach quickly, thereby controlling your food portion during a meal.

Also, you can drink plain water or infuse it with berries, cucumber, citrus fruits, or natural flavor. Herbal tea is also a great way to stay hydrated.


6. Sleep Well/ Have Enough Sleep

The necessity of sleep for overall health cannot be overemphasized. It is one of the solutions to many health conditions, including weight gain and maintaining a healthy weight.

A 2018 research shows that not sleeping affects the hormones that regulate appetite and can make you feel hungrier. The authors also affirmed that increased sleep duration and improved sleep quality could help to lose weight.

Ways to improve your sleep and sleep quality is to go to bed up to 60 minutes earlier than usual and do relaxing stretches or yoga before going to bed.

Also, make sure to get enough sunlight during the day, keep electronics out of your room, exercise regularly, avoid taking alcohol, caffeine, and heavy food before bed.


If you are looking to get a flat stomach, these foods are exactly what you need to add to your diet. You will also find some lifestyle tips that will help you here!



There are diverse ways to get a flat stomach; one of these is the consumption of amazing healthy foods for a flat stomach that burns belly fat.

Combined with quality exercise moves, they are valid for ridding you of unwanted fat storage around your waistline.

We have also added extra tips and lifestyle hacks that can rid you of tummy fat. We advise that before incorporating these foods into your diet and lifestyle changes into your routine.

Kindly speak to a nutritionist or doctor about any health concerns you might have.

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