10 Fat-blasting Cardio Workouts

Losing fat can prove to be daunting. Getting into your best possible and desired shape requires some intensive fat-blasting cardio workouts. There is a diverse range of these fat-burning cardio workouts, and there are different ways to engage in cardio.

This fact alone can cause a lot of confusion for fitness enthusiasts and those willing to lose excess fat.

Strength training may be essential, but it is also essential that you do cardio. The probable lack of knowledge about cardio is the reason we have put together this article. Because not knowing what you should do may put you off solid cardio workouts. Hence, depriving you of your deepest fitness desires.

For others, this article might be a refresher on cardio matters. This article highlights the benefits of cardio workouts and lists ten fat-crushing cardio workouts that aid weight loss.

These workouts are fun and easy to do, and you may also do them with a partner.


How about shedding fat the cardio way? These amazing fat-burning cardio workouts are fun and easy to do, and you may want to do them with a partner.


Benefits of Fat-burning Cardio Workouts

1. It Keeps the Heart Healthy

Like every other muscle in the body, the heart needs to stay strong and healthy by working it. Getting your heart rate to go up help to keep it strong consistently. It also reduces the risks of heart diseases and other problems that may arise.

The American Heart Association recommends that to improve the health of the heart, at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise should be done. This is in addition to at least 75 minutes of vigorous exercise.


2. It Aids Circulation

Heart-healthy exercises help to improve the circulation of blood in the body. This, therefore, helps to rid the body of toxins and keep you healthy. If poor blood flow becomes consistent, it may lead to a heart attack or stroke.

However, when the heart functions properly, these health issues can be avoided.


3. It Boosts Immunity

Fat-blasting cardio workouts help to strengthen the body’s immune system. A strengthened immune system helps to reduce the body’s risk of exposure to bacterial infections, and this helps to prevent diseases.


4. It Lifts Mood

Cardio exercises make the brain to produce endorphins. These are feel-good chemicals that help to balance mood and avoid depression. For most people, their walk to overall health, including mental, started with an exercise regimen.

The littlest of cardio exercise may be what you need for a boost in your health.


5. It Helps To Lose Weight

Cardio workouts help to blast fat! The result can also be seen almost instantaneously. Cardio workouts require strength, but if you push yourself harder from a medium to a high-intensity workout, you will burn fats and reduce calories effectively during each and every cardio session.



10 Fat-Blasting Cardio Workouts


1. Walking


Walking- 10 Best Cardio Fat Blasting Exercise


Walking is arguably the simplest and most available cardio exercise. It is not only one of the fat-blasting cardio workouts, but it is also a low-impact workout, which makes it easy for everyone.

If you are on the lookout for burning and losing fat, it does not mean that you can take a stroll.

To make it effective, walking should be done at a brisk and moderately-fast paced rate. Mayo clinic affirms that walking can help you maintain a healthy weight and prevents or manages health conditions like heart disease, blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

Walking also ticks all of the above-listed benefits of cardio workouts with the addition of improving balance and coordination.

When done effectively, walking can help you burn about 300- 400 calories per hour. Therefore, the faster and farther you walk frequently, the more the benefits you gain even if it is to lose weight.


2. Cycling


Cycling- 10 fat-crushing cardio workouts that aid weight loss


Cycling works the same muscle as walking. But, it has the advantage of being of lower impact. Therefore, fit for everybody. Cycling can be done on a stationary or the road.

However, Stationary cycling is recommended for those who want to burn fat as it helps to avoid distractions on the road.

Regardless, either of these methods can suit anyone as the resistance can be adjusted to suit preferences in the level of intensity. The resistance can also be changed from lower to higher in rapid succession if you are gunning for an intensive work out session.

Cycling helps bodybuilders to cave their frontal quad muscles, which allow for better separation upon completion.

Cycling, as one of the fat-burning cardio workouts, can help to improve athletic and fitness performance. It also helps to get rid of the body of fat up to about 600 calories per hour.


3. Running stairs


Running Stairs for Quick and Effective Weight Loss


If you are looking to lose about 1000 calories per hour, this workout is best for you. A simple flight of stairs may be your new favorite workout tool.

Running up the stairs provides a great workout activity that burns calories rapidly. It even burns fat more than a great cross-training workout or the regular session will.


4. Rowing

Rowing-Perfect Exercise to Burn Body Fat


Rowing on a machine is a great total body workout option. This is in addition to being a great high-intensity way to burn body fat. It is considered the perfect exercise as it works all the main muscles of the body. It is also more intense and impactful than running and walking.

Rowing helps to burn more calories per hour than any other commonly used aerobic exercise as it can provide up to 840 calories burned per hour. It helps to achieve a total body workout and offers a low impact and high-intensity way to keep fit and burn fat.

Rowing as a sport helps to improve fitness and overall athletic performance.


5. Jumping Rope


Jumping Rope for total body weight loss


Jumping rope is one of the high impact fat-burning cardio workouts that can provide desired results if done correctly. It can also help to define calves and shoulders because it works the muscles in these parts of the body well.

Because it is one of the hardest cardio exercises you can find, jumping rope requires skill, patience, strength, and focus.

Although it is not commonly used as a cardio exercise, jumping rope can help you to lose over 1000 calories per hour. It is best done within shorter periods because it can cause impact injuries of the lower leg or hip if done for too long at a stretch.

Once you have perfected jumping rope skills, you effectively lose weight and build stamina and speed if you are a boxer. Also, through jumping rope, you can prevent osteoporosis because of its high impact on nature.


6. Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebells are a cannonball-shaped weight that helps to produce a powerfully effective workout experience. In using kettlebells, you are combining strength training with cardio. This creates the ultimate cardio workout.

Kettlebells can help you to lose up to 20 calories per minute, and this is equal to the number of calories you may lose running a 6-minute mile.  This means that with kettlebells, you can lose more than 1000 calories per hour.

The American Council on exercise posits that kettlebell exercise can provide a higher intensity workout than the usual strength training in a shorter period.

This is because kettlebell workout works your cardio endurance, balance, flexibility, and training. A 10 minutes power workout with kettlebells might be all the help you need to lose weight.


7. Running


Running for losing body fat and improving cardiovascular fitness


Compared to walking, running is an efficient, high-impact way to lose body fat and improve cardiovascular fitness. Its main benefit is that it helps to lose weight by burning a higher number of calories as a result of its high intensity.

It also simultaneously stimulates the metabolic rate of the body for a longer period after losing weight.

To burn fat, the jogging variation running may be considered. Running engages all of the lower body on a much larger scale than walking. It specifically targets the hip flexors, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves.

This makes it a powerful lower body workout exercise. It also works on the arm as an added advantage. With running, you lose about 600 calories per hour.


8. Burpees

Exercise scientist and Spartan Coach Jeff Godin affirm that 180-pound person burns about 1.43 calories per burpee.

This implies that if you can execute t at least seven burpees per minute, you will be losing over 10 calories. Now, if you can do more, your rate of burning calories increases. That is, you must go for executing more burpees on the average every 60 seconds.

A report presented at the American College of Sports Medicine states that performing just 10 reps at a fast pace can improve your metabolism as much as a 30-second, all-out bike sprint can. This makes the burpee one of the best fat-burning cardio workouts in fitness.


9. Swimming


Swimming- Best Cardio Exercise for shedding off pounds


Swimming is another very effective cardio workout that is recognized as one of the overall fat-blasting cardio workouts. While swimming, you keep paddling and flapping your hands and legs to ensure you keep afloat in the water. This ensures that all your muscles are working together.

Trying different types of swimming strokes can help you to burn more calories in a short time. It improves heart rate and metabolism, as there is a continuous demand for energy.

For even more effect, try the breaststroke swimming technique. This technique can help a 130 pounder lose up to 649 calories per hour, and a 205 pounder loses up to 1024 calories.


10. High-Intensity Interval Training


High-Intensity Interval Training -10 Most effective fat-blasting cardio workouts


HIIT is one of the newest and most effective fat-blasting cardio workouts. It provides a high-intensity cardio option that gets completed within a fraction of the time than traditional cardio methods.

HIIT combines high-intensity aerobic work with a high-intensity component to cause an increase in fat burning. It creates an increase in metabolic rate, and this lasts for over 24 hours after training. With HIIT, you lose about 600 calories per hour.

Doing aerobic training regularly places the body in a steady state as long as the same pace is maintained. This means adjusts itself to the speed it is going and will attempt to conserve calories.

However, with HIIT, the steady-state problem can be avoided since the intensity is altered every minute or so.

This helps to raise hormones that burn fat such as epinephrine and while raising the metabolic rate more than other cardio methods. HIIT also helps to suppress insulin levels.


Cardio is one of the most effective ways to shed pounds. This article highlights the benefits of cardio workouts and lists ten fat-crushing cardio workouts that aid weight loss.



Now is the time to get your sports kits ready for real-time fat-blasting cardio workouts. You shouldn’t let those fats keep hanging on your body when you can shape up within a twinkling of an eye with these cardio workouts.

Give them a trial as we will be awaiting your responses in our comment box.

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