21 Essential Oil Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Want

Essential Oil lovers will always appreciate and prefer to go for anything “essential oil”. Gifts are not excluded and this holiday season, you might just want to go for essential oil gift ideas. I can assure you that if they love essential oils they would love these gift ideas.

Our favorite supplier of essential oils is Plant Therapy. They offer 100% pure oils, free of additives and adulterants. They offer free shipping and free returns for up to 90 days.

You can browse their extensive collection of essential oils, including all of the oils mentioned in this article, on their Official Page on Amazon.


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It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to get gifts for the people on your list. The most important thing about a gift is not the size or its price, it’s the heart that gives it. And you want to make sure that the people you give these gifts to love it and appreciate it.

If you have been wondering what you should give to that person on your list who is not an essential oil lover, this post is for you. If have been wondering what you should give to that person to make him or her love essential oils as well, then this post is for you as well.

With the following list of essential oil gift ideas, we’ve got you absolutely covered. You’ll find everything from carrying cases and diffusers to oil blending equipment and beautiful glass bottles which are a must-have for anyone who enjoys the art of mixing custom essential oil concoctions.

Thus, you need no longer give yourself a headache over what gifts you should give out. Just check this list! Anyone of the essential oils gift ideas would do.



21 Essential Oil Gift Ideas


1. Cute Essential Oil Tshirts


Essential Oil T-Shirt- 21 Essential Oil Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Want


Essential oil T-shirts are simply cool. This is one that all essential oil lovers can definitely relate to. It definitely comes top in the list of essential oil Gift Ideas.


2. Silicone Roller Bottle Travelling Holders


Silicone Roller Bottle Travelling Holders- 21 Essential Oil Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Want


They are amazing! You can attach these sleeves to your purse or backpack to have your roller bottles secure and easily accessible. These ones are for 10ml roller bottles but you can also see sleeves for 5ml and 15ml bottles here too! These would make perfect stocking stuffers for any essential oil lover!


3. Raindrop Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser


Raindrop Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser- 21 Essential Oil Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Want


I love the fact that the diffuser looks like a piece of art. It blends in much better than my other plastic/shiny diffusers. It is certainly one of the most amazing essential oil gift ideas! Beautifully packed in a box, it comes with 2 oil blends.


5. Aromatherapy Oil Spa Diffuser

Of all of the traditional tabletop diffusers, the plant therapy AromaFuse Essential Oil Diffuser is one of my personal favorites. It’s simple, elegant, and sounds like a babbling creek while running.


6. BellaSentials Woodgrain Aromatherapy Diffuser

Not only is it lovely to look at, but it also has one of the longest running times of all of the models currently on the market – between 8 to 12 hours depending on its setting.


7. Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy ‘Alien’ Table top Diffuser - 21 Essential Oil Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Want

If you are looking for a tabletop diffuser that is both functional and adorable, this Aromatherapy ‘Alien’ Diffuser is just about as cute as they come! it also doubles as a night light for all essential oil lovers!


8. Essential Oil Pendant

BellaSentials also offers this stylish Aromatherapy Diffuser Pendant which can be used in the car or anywhere else you want to take it. All you need is a secure place from which to hang it.


9. Diffuser Jewelry


Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace- 21 Essential Oil Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Want


Diffusers also come in wearable form. This Tree of Life Pendant or this set of Stainless Steel Rosette Pendants is just a couple of the many aromatherapy jewelry options out there.


10. InnoGear USB-Powered Essential Oil Diffuser

It is portable and perfect for an on-the-go experience USB-Powered Essential Oil Diffuser. You can take your favorite essential oil blend with you anywhere you travel. It’s not only stylish but also fits snugly into your vehicle’s cup holder to prevent spilling.


11. Ottertooth Portable Car Diffuser

It is perfect for long car trips where you need to stay alert. Also great for those relaxing joy rides when you simply want to enjoy the scents of your favorite essential oil blend diffused throughout the vehicle. The Ottertooth plugs into a car cigarette lighter and it has a USB charger port.


12. Essential Oil Tool


Essential Oil Tools- 21 Essential Oil Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Want


This tool is fantastic for removing the tops on essential oil bottles, roller bottles, and sample drams. The orifice tops can be extremely hard to remove but this tool makes removing a replacing a breeze! This tool has excellent reviews and is loved by essential oil users!


13. Plant Therapy Essential Oil Beginner’s Kit

This collection offers six organic essential oils that belong in everyone’s collection. Included are Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, and Peppermint. This kit is a great starter for anyone who doesn’t already have an extensive collection of essential oils.


14. Essential Oil Deluxe Kit

This kit is usually on sale at a significant discount! It has so many essential oil supplies at a truly incredible price! The kit comes with spray bottles, dropper bottles, roller bottles and sample bottles! If that wasn’t enough it comes with containers for making your own essential oil beauty products and lots of reference materials. This is such a practical gift and one that the essential oil lover in your life will truly love!

21 Essential Oil Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Want #gifts #essentialoil

15. Biblical Essential Oil Set

It is a novel gift which contains essential oils of three of the oldest and most useful natural remedies on the planet – Spikenard, Frankincense & Myrrh.


16. Complete Aromatherapy Set

You can go totally over the top with the Plant-therapy Complete Aromatherapy Set. It contains an incredible 128 different oils! You can always break up these collections and gift a few bottles to different friends and family. That way you can also keep a few for yourself!


17. German Blue Chamomile

This oil is quite possibly the best known of all of the stress-relieving essential oils in the world. In addition to its lovely aroma, this deep azure-hued oil is also a powerful anti-inflammatory oil with the ability to speed skin cell regeneration.


18. Cardamom Essential Oil

It carries the same warm, sweet scent as the spice’s solid form. This oil pairs well with many sweet, earthy, floral or herbaceous blends. It is known for its soothing effects on the entire body and the mind.  Cardamom essential oil is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the scent of vanilla, fresh ginger or sandalwood oils.


19. Essential Oil Case

Pick up this Portfolio-Style Case which holds up to 32 bottles of essential oil. Bottles are secured in the case by elastic bands which don’t obscure labels like many other oil storage solutions.


20. Essential Oil Shelf


Essential Oil Display Rake- 21 Essential Oil Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Want


Or for those with a larger collection, consider this Beautiful Oak Display which holds up to 157 bottles. (You have to adjust the size on the right of the page.) These simple and elegant Modular Storage Shelves are perfect for making the most of a small space while keeping essential oil bottles safe and easily accessible.


21. 300ml Woodgrain Essential Oil Diffuser


300ml Woodgrain Essential Oil Diffuser- 21 Essential Oil Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Want


I love the look of this VicTsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser for Office, Home, Bedroom, Living Room,  Study,  Yoga, and  Spa!  The LED light changes between 7 different colors!


Where To Buy Essential Oils

For quality, affordability, and service, we consistently recommend Plant Therapy Essential Oils.  They have a huge range of essential oils, all oils are 100% pure and free of additives or adulterants, they offer free shipping and free returns for up to 90 days after purchase.

You can browse their collection and find all of the essential oils mentioned in this article on their official website here.

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The above listed essential oil gift ideas contain different kinds of gifts you can get for your loved ones. These include jewelry, diffusers, T-shirts, shelves, rare essential oils, kits, etc. If you know which oil or oils a person enjoys the most, consider giving them a gift set containing a few of their favorites.

Though they may already own a bottle, an essential oil enthusiast will seldom turn their nose up at more of a good thing!

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