8 Cold Weather Clothing Hacks You Need To Try This Year

Cold Weather Clothing Hacks – Staying warm when the weather is practically working to freeze you up can be a bit of a challenge.

This is even more so if you don’t have an endless supply of cold-weather clothes. But dressing for winter doesn’t have to be so annoying if you pick the right clothes to layer with.

Yes, you must already know that the most important trick for staying warm even in the coldest temperature is by layering properly. And to layer properly, you need to start with the thinnest layer and work your way to the thickest. 

This can be tricky because you want to be warm enough to beat the cold, but not so warm that a few minutes walk leaves you covered in your own sweat. 

And this is why you need some weather clothing hacks this winter. These tips tell you how to properly protect your body with a layer of clothes using thin polyester or silk materials as the basic layers and waterproof coast as the final layers. 

Thick boots, gloves, head warmers, blanket scarfs, jackets, and a good hat are also essential winter clothing to help you stay warm when it’s particularly frigid out. 

Your winter fashion should be comfortable, warm and easy to wear. For this reason, we’ve rounded up 8 cold-weather clothing hacks to keep your winter much warmer and enjoyable. These fashion hacks take care of the easy part. 


Stay warm, dry, and stylish during these cold weather with our top cold weather clothing hacks! You'll be amazed at how beautiful you look even after layering so many clothing items.


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Protect Your Hands and Ears From The Cold With A Thick Hat and Head Warmers

It isn’t surprising that first on our list of cold weather clothing hacks is to go shopping; is it?

One of the ways to prepare yourself for the winter season is by getting thick hooded coats. But, if you happen to have coats with hoods, then you need to get some water-resistant hats made with nylon or polyester.

You may also need to get some head warmers made out of wool, knit fabric, or a poly-cotton blend. Head warmers usually also cover the ear and you can some that are made for the winter season, such head warmers will actually keep you warm. 

Alternatively, if you’re going for a hat, make sure you get hats that will cover your eyes. That is because if your ears are exposed and get cold your entire head will get cold too.

Hats that sit on the head while leaving the ears exposed aren’t winter hats. Thankfully, hats come in a variety of colors and designs and you’re sure to find one that suits you well. 


Keep Your Hands Warm By Wearing A Thick Pair Of Waterproof Gloves With Padding

Thick gloves are essential winter items of clothing and they shouldn’t be missing from your closet this winter season.

A thick pair of functional gloves with a wool or cotton lining will keep your hands warm when you’re out of the protective covering of your home.

Your wrists should also be covered and protected from the elements, to see to this, make sure your gloves have cuffs that extend beyond the cuffs of your coat. 

Leather gloves may sound ideal but they are usually too thin and very rarely water-resistant, and not exactly ideal for winter except your going to work and will probably working indoors for most of the day.

Ideal winter gloves are special padding in the finger areas which keep the fingers warm but still allow you to actually use your fingers while wearing them, you shouldn’t have to pull off your gloves every time you want to use your phone. 

Another good choice for keeping your hand is by wearing mittens. Unlike gloves, mittens allow for the skin to skin contact between fingers which can help spread the warmth.

However, this can be a bad thing is you tend to have sweaty hands because they can make you sweat and when your hands get sweaty they’ll end up cold. Another disadvantage of mittens is that they make it difficult for you to use our hands and fingers.

That said, mittens are still a good choice if you’re a fan of them and don’t have sweaty hands. 


Cover Your Face With a Scarf, Balaclava, or Skin Mask

Next on our list of cold-weather clothing hacks for staying warm is to cover your face with a scarf or ski mask, this will keep the wind and cold air away from the most sensitive parts of your body.

A ski mask is a great choice in very cold weather, get a sporting ski mask and wear it to protect your body from the cold. Another good choice is a balaclava. 

A balaclava is like a hat that covers your head and entire face with a tiny opening for eyes, nostrils, and lips. They’ll definitely keep your entire head warm.

When it comes to winter styles, a cool scarf can really bring an outfit together.

You can use a thick blanket scarf in extremely cold weather. Loop this scarf around your neck, the loop should be a little tight, but not too tight, so you can pull up the scarf to cover your nose and lips when you need to.


To Keep Your Feet Warm, Wear Thick Socks And A Pair Of Big Boots  

You may already have different pairs of socks that you wear throughout the year, but with the freezing winter weather, these socks often become useless.

So you need to get special winter sock, these have to be thick pairs of wool socks. You can go for a pair of men’s hunting socks, these will come in handy if you’ll have to go outside on a very cold day. 

Some of these men’s socks are very long and can go up to your knees, providing ultimate warmth and protection. For maximum warmth, wear a pair of thick socks underneath your pants and your boot.

You can also get some thermal socks, these don’t absorb water and will keep your feet much warmer, even if you have to walk through a snow-filled path. 

Next, you need some winter boots to protect your feet. When buying your winter boots, go for boots that will stop way above your ankles and buy boots that are a little bigger than your regular shoe size.

This way you’ll have enough room to fit very thick socks into your boot, and you’ll do this without any trouble. 


When Indoors, Wear Pants Made of Wool or Thick Fleece And Thick Sweaters 

When indoors you still need to keep yourself from freezing and sure way to do this is by wearing wool pants and thick fleece, the thicker the material the better.

Another option is to get reasonably thick denim pants (not tight pants) and long sleeve shirts. You can also thick polyester pants, that works too.

When the temperature takes a huge dip, consider wearing hiking pants made from nylon. Always avoid pants made from cotton or spandex since these materials won’t give you any warmth.

Thick sweaters will also keep you warm while protecting your core from the bitterly cold weather. 


Keep Legs Warm With A Pair Of Long Underwear or Snow Pants

If it becomes extremely cold, then you may have to wear something extra to retain the much-needed warmth. If you intend to go outside the house for a few hours, the extra layer of clothing will help prevent you from frostbite.

You can wear snow pants over your regular pants to keep your legs warm. You can also wear a pair of fitted tights, long underwear or even leggings under your pants. This will add a layer of protection and keep your legs from getting cold this winter.

For your pants, you can choose a pair of oversized denim pants. With this, you can work outside your house without freezing up. But if it’s snowing, wearing denim pants may not be a great option. That is because it tends to get wet really fast and also takes very long to dry. 


Wear Water-Resistant Outer Layers To Keep Yourself Dry 

When it’s snowing outside and you have to step out briefing, you can stay dry if your clothes are water-resistant. Wear a waterproof coat and snow pants to keep your outer layer dry.

Also put on hat, gloves, boots, and snow pants to finish insulating your body. If you want an added layer of protection, use a windbreaker, or running jacket to help your outer-layer stay dry. 

If you properly layer yourself with clothes underneath the coat and snow pants, you’ll have no problem staying warm.

By all means, avoid cotton, wool, or down if it’s going to rain or snow. This is because they actively absorb water and will get you soaked. You know, getting even a little wet will make you feel much colder than you would if you weren’t wearing them at all. 

Instead look for materials like nylon, gore-tex, and Thinsulate. They are good because they all work well as outer-layers since they actively repel water.

Also, look for jackets and coats that tagged water-resistant or water-proof. Such items of clothing are usually made from a combination of these fabrics and they are very good choices for the cold season.

These fabrics actively repel water, meaning that you’ll stay dry if it starts raining or snowing.


Insulate Yourself With A Good Clothing Layer

During a very cold winter season, learning how to layer smartly is the last on our list of ultimate cold-weather clothing hacks to keep yourself warm and comfortable.

No matter how cold the weather gets, with the correct layer of clothes, you can stay warm and protected. To layer appropriately, start with lighter clothes and gradually move to much thicker ones on the outside.

The first layer can be a thin polyester turtleneck top. Follow it up with a thick wool sweater, a denim jacket, and a waterproof coat. This will keep your core warm and well protected from the elements.

While layering, keep in mind that your clothes shouldn’t be too tight. Keep them a little loose to give your body a little room to breathe. Some people have this notion that a tight layer keeps out air and gives you more warmth.

This is not true! When you wear layers of clothing, they contain the heat produced by your body. If these clothes are too tight there will no way for some of your body to escape so you’ll start to sweat.

Sweating cools you down, therefore, making you colder. But if you leave a little space between each layer of clothing, your body heat will warm up the air in these spaces. This will keep your body much warmer and well insulated.

Also, keep in mind that your clothes shouldn’t be so loose that it allows cold in. 

Start your layering with a thin layer of polyester, silk or nylon. This is because when you wear several clothes you will definitely start sweating in a short while.

Therefore a base layer of water-resistant clothing will prevent you from soaking up your own sweat. Polyester and polypropylene are the most common choices, but silk and nylon will wick water away from your skin as well.

Unlike these other materials, cotton will soak up your sweat. So, avoid wearing a cotton undershirt except you’re wearing long underwear underneath it.

Since your base and outer layers will be water-resistant, your middle layer can be made out of any material.

You can wear a wool sweater, cotton turtleneck long sleeve top or hoodie, denim jacket as your middle layer. While these materials aren’t great at repelling water, they are great insulating materials. They will also keep you warm and comfortable. 


Keep up the heat throughout the cold with these genius cold weather clothing hacks. They help you to survive the frigid winter months by keeping you warm inside.


Wrapping Up

Layering summarizes these cold-weather clothing hacks. While you’re at it, don’t forget to through in lots of thick sweaters, hoodies, and jackets.

Make sure you cover up every inch of skin you have. That is because every millimeter of skin that is open to the elements will lead to heat loss. This happens very quickly in cold weather.

Neck warmers, hats, and gloves are all essential when out and about in the cold. Also, always aim to cover as much of your skin as you possibly can! 

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