Boiled Egg Diet Recipes for Weight Loss at Home – Lose 11-kg in 2 weeks

Boiled Egg Diet Recipes- Obesity was a war I fought for a long period of time. I was so keen on getting rid of the excess fat in my body at all costs.

Being aware of the danger it poses to my health and the health complications like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure to mention a few that come with obesity made weight loss a must in my life.

Numerous weight loss technique was employed, but I didn’t get the result I wanted, so the struggle continued. I needed something to help me reduce my weight; I wanted to be fit and look attractive. Then the idea of healthy eating referred to as diet popped up.

I had various options to choose from, but then I needed something fast to help me get rid of my excess weight. Then Boiled Egg Diet did the Magic, and I lost 11kg in just 2weeks. Isn’t that amazing?

The boiled egg diet for me was an amazing cheap diet that gave me a wonderful result in no time. The boiled egg diet recipes are low in carbohydrates, calories, and high in protein.

It contains about 78 calories and other nutrients that added value to my body during the process of my weight reduction.


Click to find out how I lose 11kg in 2 weeks with this boiled egg diet plan. It is an amazingly cheap, simple, fast and effective diet for short-term weight loss.


 Guidelines When Using Boiled Egg Diet Recipes

While using the boiled egg diet recipes, there are some guidelines to follow to aid your weight loss exercise. These guidelines are:

  • Eat two eggs in the morning, each day
  • Protein such as turkey, fish, and chicken can be taken in a smaller portion
  • Vegetables like spinach, broccoli, grapefruit, and mushroom can be taken.
  • Engage in slight exercises
  • Take enough water
  • Adequate sleep/rest is required
  • Follow the diet plan


The Don’ts of  Boiled Egg Diet

While I was on the boiled egg diet plan, there were also things I had to do away with. I call them the don’ts of Boiled egg diet as they can ruin the efforts of the boiled egg diet due to their content. They are:

  • Don’t eat junks
  • Don’t take alcohol
  • Avoid intake of high sodium food.
  • Don’t eat high-fat meat
  • Don’t take chicken with skin,
  • Avoid eating  pizza, burger or fries
  • Don’t take Processed and frozen food
  • Don’t take Low-fat milk and low-fat yogurt
  • Stop drinking Soda and energy drink
  • Don’t take sugar or Sugary things


The Boiled Egg Diet Plan

There are several kinds of the egg diet, including an egg-only diet. In all versions of the plan, you’ll eat three meals a day with no snacks, and only water or no-calorie beverages.

Below is a 2-week draft of my egg-diet plan that aided my weight loss process.

Week 1


Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and any citrus fruit of my choice

Lunch:  Chicken breast with any vegetable of my choice

Dinner: A large plate of  salad with fish



Breakfast: Two boiled eggs with any fruit of my choice

Lunch: Two sweet potatoes and two apples

Dinner:  Vegetable salad, two boiled eggs, and orange.



Breakfast:  Two boiled eggs, a cup of green tea and whole-wheat toast

Lunch:  1/2 chicken breast, broccoli, and grapefruit.

Dinner:  Simple Salad with grilled or baked chicken



Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and freshly squeezed orange juice

Lunch: A whole fruit of my choice

Dinner: Salad with chicken dressing



Breakfast: Two boiled eggs with two apples

Lunch:  Steamed vegetables and two boiled eggs

Dinner: Grilled fish with Salad



Breakfast: Two boiled eggs with any citrus fruit

Lunch: A whole fruit of my choice

Dinner: Baked chicken with a green salad.



Breakfast: Two boiled eggs,1 whole wheat, half a cup of baked beans with a cup of green tea

Lunch: Steamed vegetables, tomato with baked or grilled chicken

Dinner: Steamed vegetables scarcely garnished with chicken


By the end of week one, I felt certain changes in my body. There was a reduction in my weight, and my body was less bloated, looking slimmer, then I knew my boiled egg diet was working.

I couldn’t wait to complete the plan to get the full effect of the boiled egg diet.


Week 2


Breakfast: Two boiled eggs with my favorite fruit

Lunch:  Chicken with Salad for lunch

Dinner: Salad, sweet Orange and two boiled eggs



Breakfast: Two boiled egg, one banana and a cup of milk

Lunch: Steamed vegetables with two boiled eggs

Dinner: Salad and well-grilled fish



Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and apple fruit

Lunch: Salad and a piece of chicken

Dinner: Citrus fruit, vegetable salad, and two boiled eggs



Breakfast: two boiled eggs and any fruit of my choice

Lunch: Well cooked chicken and salad for lunch

Dinner: Two boiled egg and steamed vegetables with low-fat cheese added to it



Breakfast: Fruit and two boiled eggs

Lunch: Salad with fish dressing

Dinner: Two boiled eggs and salad



Breakfast: Two boiled eggs combined with almond and a cup of orange juice.

Lunch: Green salad with baked chicken

Dinner: A bowl of fruit salad



Breakfast: My favorite boiled eggs breakfast with pineapples

Lunch: A whole fruit of my choice

Dinner: A bowl of chicken soup with vegetables


At the end of week 2, I felt the desired result; the weight loss was superb, 11kg is gone. Then, I realized that the 14 days plan was not a waste of time as I have conquered my Obesity war.


Healthy Snacks that could be taken while on Boiled Egg Diet

Before I started the egg diet plan, I was worried about my usual snacks. But I found out that there are some snacks that can be taken while on this diet plan.

These snacks are watermelon, cucumber, tomato, baby carrot, coconut water e.t.c. Note that nothing should be taken after dinner while on this diet plan. It’s essential.


Is the Egg Diet Plan Safe?

During my diet plan, a question struck my mind, and that question is, how safe is the egg diet plan?

The boiled egg diet plan is for two weeks. The duration is key; taking the egg with the quantity in the plan should not be more than two weeks.

Besides, it should be of note that more than six eggs daily is not healthy as it can increase the rate of heart failure and ischemic stroke in men.


Things to Note while on Egg Diet Plan

While on this weight loss process, here are the things you should take cognizance of;

  • Being careful about combining exercise and egg diet plan . I was so cautious about this because the diet is a low carbohydrate diet, and I need energy for exercising. I had to make the exercise a slight and occasional one.
  • Consult your doctor before embarking on the egg diet plan.
  • The Boiled egg diet is a low carbohydrate diet; therefore, it might be difficult for the digestive system to adjust to and cases of nausea, bad breath, constipation might occur.
  • Consumption of Boiled eggs can cause bloating. Therefore, it pertinent to check your body for any sign of bloating. I was among the lucky few that didn’t experience such.
  • Consuming a balanced diet. While on the menu, I added fiber to my meals for a balanced diet intake. I took varieties of vegetables and fruits, but I avoided mango.
  • The diet plan shouldn’t last more than two weeks so as avoid adverse effects. If there is any need to continue, you should consult your doctor.
  • Lastly, try to maintain a healthy diet after the boiled egg diet plan. Avoid the intake of calories and junks.


Other Beneficial Values of Boiled Egg in the Body

Aside from the weight loss function boiled egg diet performed in my body, the boiled egg has numerous nutrients that aided some other activities in my body. They include;

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Stress Reduction
  • Aids Bowel Movement
  • Strengthen the Bone
  • Immunity Boost
  • Lowers Inflammation in the Body
  • Enhance the Quality of the Skin and Body
  • Improves Sleep time


Struggling with obesity? These boiled egg diet recipes will help get rid of your excess weight in no time. You should try it out!



The Boiled egg diet is a perfect diet for quick weight loss. It helped me get to the level I wanted with my body weight, added nutritional values to my body, and also aided other activities in my body.

But before I embarked on this journey, I consulted my doctor and finally! My weight loss has been achieved. 11kg is gone in just 14 days, a total of 2 weeks. Super Amazing!!!

What are you still waiting for?  Begin your boiled egg diet plan today; get your desired body weight and say no to obesity. When you get the desired body weight, then maintenance is what you should look into.

Remember, the boiled egg diet is very safe for the body but endeavor to consult your doctor before you start. It is very important.

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