5 Best Nail Polish Brands To Try Now: Non-Toxic, Natural and Safe

Best Nail Polish- It is becoming more evident that it is essential to eat healthily. This is as much as it is vital to make sure to put healthy things on our skin.

Makeup is gradually transitioning into a natural movement while nail polish is still dragging behind. This is due to many brands of nail polish yet to drop the use of toxic chemicals.

If you take a look at most nail polish bottles, you will realize that its ingredient list is full of names that are not readily pronounced. They are merely the scientific names of these harmful chemicals.


Here are game changing nail polish brands that are made from all natural ingredients. They come highly recommended!


Some of these are chemicals like camphor, toluene, formaldehyde, and so on, which are proven to impair the hormonal development of fetuses.

Research has proven that it takes 14 hours to absorb the chemicals in nail polish into the body.

For example, Toluene chemicals in polish cause central nervous system problems, while TPHP is a hormone disruptor. Also, Formaldehyde is used to embalm dead bodies, that’s just nasty!

However, you should know that all nail polishes have chemicals, but they vary in content. So, if you are worried, it is better to use none at all or just a bit. There are new brands that are reducing the use of chemicals in their products.  They are also getting rid of the nasty ones.

These products are still gorgeous and lovely. They also come in various shades and have finishes that are of more quality than the usual chemical-laced brands. This post contains a list of five of the best nail polish that are organic.


1. Dior Vernis


Dior Vernis- Non-toxic Beauty Products


It is no doubt that every girl deserves a touch of the Dior brand in her armory. The Dior Vernis nail polish can about offer you that opportunity. Although this brand is expensive, it is perfect. It has a shiny finishing and can be achieved outside the salon.

The Dior Vernis uses the 5-free formula. This formula shuns all the key toxic chemicals. Its nail surface is strengthened by organic silicon. Everyone can achieve a flawless application because it comes with a flat, rounded brush.

They also come in different shades of colors that are gorgeously ranging from classic to the Avante-Garde. Also, the polish dries quickly, and so you don’t have to sit too long for it to dry out.

You can get them from $45.


2. Karma Organic Spa


Kama Organic Spice- Dior Vernis- Non-toxic Beauty Products


The Karma Organic Spa originates from New Jersey. It began in an eco-friendly green salon and has since gone ahead to develop its line of organic, toxin-free beauty products. Their nail polish brand is no different.

This nail polish uses a 7-free formula in its production. It offers a variety of more than a hundred color shades, which includes neon and glow in the dark options. The Karma Organic spa product also dries out quickly and has a slight odor during nail application.

It lasts for days because of its reliable- power, and it could take days before any touch up is needed. It can be removed with an organic lavender nail polish remover.

You can get it on Amazon for as low as $9.99.


3. Lily Lolo


Lily Lolo- Best Nail Polish Brands That Are Non-Toxic, Natural and Safe


Looking for organic and non-toxic nail polish in an industry that is mostly full of harmful chemical brands can be a lot of trouble. This British Lily Lolo brand, however, has come to the rescue.

It is one of the best nail polish brands that are organic. It is formulated with an 8-free composition that is vegan to the core. Lily Lolo brand offers an eye-catching six chip-resistant shade, including a hot coral pink that is great for welcoming spring.

What’s more? They have won several natural beauty awards that assures you that their claims of being organic are valid.

You can get the Lily Lolo brand at a cheap price of under $7.


4. Orly


Orly- Best Nail Polish Brands That Are Non-Toxic, Natural and Safe


The Orly nail polish brand takes organic make up to the next level by going for a better and higher 1o-free range of nail polish. What this means is that their products are gluten-free, have no animal-derived ingredient, and are free of camphor and parabens.

They are a Halal-certified brand and need no base or top-coat to make your nails look good. Its Argan oil constituent helps you to avoid dry and damaged nails.

While the vitamin contents help in healing and repairing the nails. Also, it uses an advanced oxygen technology that allows moisture to be absorbed by nails, keeping them hydrated and firm.

As one of the best nail polish brands out there, it comes in eighteen different shades, and you can pick any that blends with the weather or desire. Their lowest price is set at fourteen Euros.


5. Inglot


Inglot- Dior Vernis- Non-toxic Beauty Products


The Inglot brand is famous for its advanced developments that allow nails to get air while still coated with nail polish. Their newly designed brush ensures a mess-free application because it comes in a flat and firm design.

Inglot nail polish comes in eight stylish matte shades that can be fantastically paired with any fashionable ensemble for the red carpet. They are so much of a non-toxic product that you will not be inhaling any harmful toxin while applying it to your nails.

Get a wide range of the Inglot product on Amazon.


In this post, we have rounded up the 5 best nail polishes that are toxin-free! These polishes give you a perfect consistency, color and shine!



Improving your nail polish game is important, but more important is getting the right nail polish formula. The best polishes are toxic-free products that are made with natural ingredients.

These best nail polishes leave your nails chip-free and provide a glossy manicure that looks like a technician did it!

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