Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers: How to Make Your First $500+/Month

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers- The world is a global village. A lot of things have changed since the advent of the internet and e-commerce.

Do you know that there are hundreds of ways that you can make money off the internet with minimal effort? If you are broke in this century and your situation is not improving, then you must be suffering from either lack of will or lack of information.

Speaking of information, do you know that you can make loads of money from affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing for bloggers is one of the ways by which people make money off the internet. Even I am involved in the affiliate marketing business, and it has been very profitable.

Often it is used as a side hustle while you are active on your fulltime jobs. It is that type of business that earns you money even while you are asleep as long as people keep visiting your blog and making purchases. Read on for more on affiliate marketing for bloggers.


Earning more means doing more ,so if you are trying to make more as a blogger why not try affiliate marketing. Do yoiu want to know how that works? Check out this post on affiliate marketing for bloggers.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

All you have been reading may not make total sense if you haven’t heard of affiliate marketing before. Affiliate marketing involves the use of your ability to reach people to promote the sale of a product or service for a fixed commission.

The commission is usually determined by the company whose product you are marketing, and the commission could be in the form of a fixed fee or a percentage of the sale price.

If you are looking to make extra cash, perhaps you should start considering registering for an affiliate program. I learned about affiliate marketing just last year, and since then, I have been earning quite well from my site. I actually wish I had known about it earlier. 


How Does It work? 

When talking to most people about affiliate marketing, the main thing they want to understand is how exactly the marketing hustle works. And I know you would want to know as well. Not only is affiliate marketing going to provide you with extra cash, but it will also require little time from you.

If you already have an operational blog, all you need to do is to visit the website of any sales platform which provides a window for affiliate marketing. 

The next thing to do is to register. After registration and approval (the approval may take hours or days depending on what you are working with), you are free to start marketing the products on your blog or website.

You can add the product picture to your site as a widget or as a product depending on the type of blog you are operating. You upload the products along with their relevant details such as the sizes, prices, colors, brands, and so on. 

While copying the product to your site, the sales company which you are marketing for will set up a deep link generator for you, which will allow you generate a link that is peculiar to your blog.

Hence, when anyone clicks on the product from your blog and make purchases, the first company would be able to link that sale to your blog and document your commission accordingly.

After you have done this, anyone visiting your site will see the product you have posted on the blog, and if they are interested, they will click on it and make a purchase. The more your visitors make purchases, the more productive you become. So you see, you could be sleeping and still be earning a commission.


It’s Not So Easy

Do not get carried away by all that is written above. It is not always that straight forward. I learned about affiliate marketing from one of the best bloggers. However, they didn’t prepare me for the failings I could encounter.

After setting up my blog/site and registering for different affiliate programs, I couldn’t get anyone to purchase on my website for almost three months. Yes, there were a few clicks, but no purchase was made, so I earned absolutely nothing from it.

I was so frustrated, I almost abandoned the whole idea, but I didn’t, instead, I pushed myself, and I did a little more research about affiliate marketing, and I found out that there were a couple of things I ought to do if indeed I am serious about making money from this blog. I shall discuss these things in detail in the next section.


Things You Need to Do to Make it Work

Ensure That Your Blog has Been Around for a While

It is advisable to have a well-established blog before attempting to register for an affiliate program. If your blog has been around for about three years and you have regular visitors on your blog, you are more likely to experience a faster and larger rate of purchase and clicks than someone whose blog is quite new and has fewer visitors. 

This is one of the traps I fell into when I started my affiliate marketing. My blog was new, I was still struggling for visitors and so when I started affiliate marketing and so I got no one to purchase the products.


If You Do not have a Blog yet, Set up Your Blog/Website

Despite the risk attached to operating affiliate marketing on a new or young blog, you can still set up your new blog and even earn money from it. But before you register for affiliate marketing, you must first and foremost have a blog or website. 

  • To get a blog, the first thing you need to do is to get a name for your blog
  • Register your blog and get hosting rights.
  • Customize your blog and write engaging posts


Add Great Engaging Content to Your Blog.

Your posts are what make your blog active. You have to research thoroughly and dig deep to get topics that you know will interest lots of people. It is advisable that your posts should be related to the products you wish to market, that way the visitors get even more interested in the products.

The most advisable and common types of areas you should look into are product reviews, tips on how to use a product, an overview of a brand, and so on.


Generate Traffic for Your Blog/Site

You can post all you like on your blog or site, but it would be useless if you can’t get anyone to read it. Having a blog without visitors is like having a school without students, it will mean absolutely nothing.

There are ways to get people to get on your blog and read up your posts. You can even get them to become regular visitors if your posts are engaging. 

To get people to visit your blog, you have to share your posts on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and so on. You can also get people to visit your blog more by creating an ad for your site or blog.

Creating an ad is probably the most effective way to get visitors to your website or blog. You can create ads such as Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and so on.


Register for An Affiliate Program

After getting the required traffic on your blog, you can then register for an affiliate program. Signing up for an affiliate program is very easy, all you need is to visit the affiliate website of the parent company and register for free.

There are lots of products and services companies that offer the affiliate marketing window. Some of the popular ones are Amazon Affiliate, Rakuten Affiliate Network, e-junkie, and so on. 


Upload Affiliate Products, Links, and Banners on Your Blog

After registering for the affiliate program, you can start uploading the links and banners from the affiliate site to your site for marketing and sales.

Once the traffic on your website is much, you are likely to get a lot of sales through your site. That means more money for you. 


How do I get paid?

This is quite straight forward. Once they make purchases through your link, it shows on the profile you created while registering on the affiliate site. Your commission will continue to accumulate on the affiliate site.

The payment method differs depending on the affiliate program you signed up for. Some of them only allow you to withdraw your commission monthly, some after several sales, while some only after you have reached a certain threshold.


One of the easiest side hustles in town is affiliate marketing. If you oen a blog, you can easily make extra bucks through refferals. With this post on affiliate marketing for bloggers, be sure to earn thousands in no time.



If you are a blogger and you are yet to adopt affiliate marketing, then you are missing out on a great deal of side income you could be earning without stress.

Affiliate marketing for bloggers is very safe. It has no risk involved because all you have to do is be the link between the seller and the buyer. All the risk involved in the transaction is on the seller.

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